Taiwan - Taipei

2024 AIR Taipei Open Call

● The online application deadline for the 2024 AIR Taipei OPEN CALL is 11:59:59 AM (Taipei Time), Friday, June 30th, 2023. ● Download the regulation/https://reurl.cc/8qLNLo ● Complete the online application/https://air-artistvillage.org.tw/ ● For any further questions, please contact air@artistvillage.org Since its foundation, Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Taipei aligns with international artist-in-residence sites, provides artists from both Taiwan and abroad with residence opportunities, and creates an open platform that also acts as a web of solid, international connections, drawing in diverse communities in various disciplines to exchange and broaden each other’s perspectives. After two years of postponement affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2024 AIR Taipei Open Call provides a unique artist-in-residence site for domestic and international artists to apply: the Treasure Hill Artist Village, a historical architectural community located by the Gongguan waterside. Additionally, AIR Taipei builds a partnership with the Puppetry Art Center of Taipei, encouraging international artists to apply the opportunity to explore Taiwanese puppetry art and culture; the selected artist is provided with resources and supports from both institutions. On the other hand, AIR Taipei has collaborated with its international partner institutions to support domestic artists to connect with the global art scenes and provide a return flight ticket, accommodation, studio space, and allowance in the International Artist Exchange Project. In 2024, AIR Taipei will continue its partnership with Tokyo Arts and Space and BankART 1929 in Japan, the Silpakorn University in Thailand, the City of Munich in Germany (DAC+AOA+GI), the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Ciné Tapis Rouge in Canada, expecting to facilitate more diverse interactions between artists and art spaces, generating greater prosperity. The call for applications for 2024 AIR Taipei is now open. The closing date for applications is Friday, June 30th, 2023 (11:59:59AM, Taipei Time). We aim to increase the crossover cooperation among cultural industry and horizontal alliances, foster the cultural exchange between Taipei city and global cities and support the career development of domestic and international young artists through the AIR Taipei program. For more information, please visit the AIR Taipei website (https://air-artistvillage.org.tw/) to download the regulation and find out more about the online application procedure.

Deadline 2023.06.30

2023 Guandu International Nature Art Festival

Theme Nature, a Gift - Connection, Giving and Exchange "Gifts" play a special role in the lives of mankind. Unlike general functional needs, gifts always contain a nature of connection between the giver and the receiver, even if these objects called "gifts" are no different from general objects. This mutual relationship played a social function in early human life, meaning that it was not limited to individuals, but more often a responsibility and obligation between groups, or a kind of unspoken contractual relationship, also implying a certain moral and ethical value (the receiver has the duty and responsibility to give back). This is deeply expounded in the famous work of Marcel Mauss, the anthropologist: "The Gift: Forms and Functions of Exchange in Archaic Societies", which traces the role gifts played in primitive societies. This kind of exchange activity, detached from the functional aspect of bartering in early human society, gave objects more of a human psychological color. We always have countless reasons to give gifts to others (whether it's out of gratitude, admiration, or other motives). These objects always carry the intention (motivation) of the giver. In short, gifts contain the awareness and feelings of both the giver and the receiver, which create a connection between both sides. As a special object, gifts carry a certain spiritual significance due to this relationship they embody. Viewing nature as a gift means perceiving nature as something that is given to us. This perspective reflects how we think about our relationship with nature and how we can establish a connection through this relationship. With the advancement of civilization and technology, the idea of viewing nature as a resource to be controlled and managed is a commonly held ideology, with an attitude that is often utilitarian and instrumental. However, this attitude has gradually become controversial, with the emergence of various environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, and biodiversity, being wrapped up in the concept of Anthropocene. We are gradually realizing that nature is an organic system that operates as a whole (such as the Gaia hypothesis), which reminds us to rethink our relationship with nature. However, is there a more proactive attitude we can adopt towards our relationship with nature? If the theme of the previous exhibition, " Healing, A Methodology," helped us discover the spiritual connections and functions of nature, this year's curation, "Nature, A Gift," represents an opener attitude towards exploring these relationships. By placing artistic creation within the framework of gift-giving, we aim to foster a kind and profound connection with nature, just as what we do with the act of giving gifts. Call for Artists When we incorporate the act of gift-giving into our thinking, everything can be approached from different perspectives. Regarding nature, on one hand, it is more than just resources we rely on for survival; we should view it as a gift - an environment shaped by the exchange and interweaving of different ecosystems that has brought about our current way of life (with humans being just one part of it). As receivers, we should contemplate how to respond to this gift, and this exhibition is an attempt to consider how we can form deeper connections with nature from this standpoint. As the main outlet of the Taipei Basin's water system, the Guandu Plain is a wetland that contains many biological activities and serves as a flood detention area to protect the safety of the Taipei metropolitan area. From early agricultural activities to urban development, industrial pollution, garbage crises, global warming and climate change, rising sea levels, and the decline of biodiversity, the Guandu Plain is almost a microcosm of the entire environmental issue. However, through the establishment of a conservation area, we have transformed it into a gift. Therefore, life is sustained and evolved through the gift of nature. This year's curatorial theme for the Guandu International Nature Art Festival, "Nature, a Gift - Connection, Giving, and Exchange," is our gift to the Guandu Plain. We invite artists to respond to this theme through their artistic creations. Creative Goal The format of creation is unrestricted and may include interdisciplinary contemporary art, visual art, installation art, etc. The use of natural materials is preferred for media, and the creative process must comply with environmentally friendly principles. The works created should convey the values of habitat creation and biodiversity, the connections between the ecology, birds, and human interactions surrounding Guandu, and should trigger awareness of ecological conservation. The creative concept and presentation of the works should emphasize their artistic nature. Read More: http://www.guandu-natureart.tw/news/488

Deadline 2023.06.30
Japan - Hyogo

KIAC OPEN CALL for the Artist-In-Residence Program 2024/2025

Applications are now open for the 2024/2025 Artist-In-Residence program at the Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC), a creative residence facility centered on performing arts. The "Artist-in-Residence Program" has two criteria, "Response to Society" and "Critical Creativity" and will actively adopt and support artists and projects that critically examine the relationship between arts and the society in which we live. We are looking forward to receiving applications for projects that have the potential to present unprecedented value to society through collaboration with us. Please take a look at the application guidelines: http://kiac.jp/en/article/1996/

Deadline 2023.06.26
India - Sirohi

Farm Studio International Artist Residency 2023 – 2024

Farm Studio International Artist Residency is located in a rural community in India. Residents stay and create in a quiet art centre and beautiful environment where they can develop their artwork free from accustomed distractions. Farm Studio residency provides three types of working spaces where artists can explore their art and ideas in the rural Rajasthani environment; at the Farm Studio indoor studios, the outdoor and farm environments, and in Andore Village. Here, collaboration and experimentation is encouraged. Relationships form between the artists coming from different countries and varied social, cultural, and artistic backgrounds. Many exciting exchanges and dialogues among artists take place, including scheduled artist talks, presentations, works in progress showings, etc. Farm Studio also promotes and celebrates the local community’s artistic and cultural identity while also introducing art and culture of others’ (Indian and International guests) back to the community. This intercultural exchange broadens everyone’s experiences and fosters art appreciation. Farm Studio International Artist Residency hosts artists from October to the end of February each year, with accommodations available for 3-8 residents at one time. More: https://farmingstudio.wordpress.com/art-residency/

Deadline 2023.06.10