Taiwan - Pingtung

2024 Artist Residency Program on Kacalisian Art Village

The annual Artist Residency Program on Slope Village is now open for applications! This year, the residency program will last for 40 days, departing from the tradition of being located in Rinari and returning to the old Dashe Village at the foot of Mount Dummu. - Application Period: April 10 - April 30, 2024 - Residency Dates: October 11 - November 9, 2024 For more details and application information, please refer to the following link: [link to application guidelines]. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-5_k8jME30yElIY6a5VTsXYDklY6Defv Reminder: Please "download and fill out" the application form, then send it to the email address: ecvasd@gmail.com. Do not fill it out directly on the cloud.

Deadline 2024.04.30
Taiwan - Taipei

2024 Shinehouse Artist-In-Residence Program

The Shinehouse Artist-In-Residence Program is run by the Shinehouse Theatre team (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”). For over ten years, Organizer has promoted the local arts and culture in Wanhua, Taipei as well as developing local resources and spaces. In recent years, Organizer has also provided supports in achieving the goals of worldwide cultural exchange and connections. Therefore, the Shinehouse Artist-In-Residence Program (hereinafter referred to as “AIR Program”) was born. AIR Program provides a professional and residential space for domestic and international artists to focus on local research, creation, and cultural exchanges, expecting to foster the development of performing arts worldwide. ◆Breakfast meeting Each artist should join breakfast meeting with Organizer once a month. By understanding the needs and creation project’s progress, Organizer can provide effective supports or connection with other local organization for artists. ◆Camp All artists join AIR Program should participate in "Camp", which will be held from 5 November to 8 November 2024. Following are 4 sections included in Camp. ╴Exchange Workshop Each in-residence artist should host a workshop for 2-3 hours. Participants will be other in-residence artists, in-house performers of Organizer, and other experienced performing artists. Expecting interaction of artists with different majors would make unexpected sparks. ╴Co-creation All participants of “Exchange Workshop” will distribute into groups, and each in-residence artist should lead a group for co-creation. Every group will have a day to co-create and rehearse before the performance date. (The topic of performance will be decided by each group) ╴Series of presentation From 11 November to 12 November 2024, each group of “Co-creation” will present their creation open to the public. ╴Salon with artists Organizer will host a salon during the period of Camp and invite all in-residence artists, in-house performers of Organizer, local art or cultural organization, etc. to join. Expect to provide supports in achieving the goals of worldwide cultural exchange and connections.

Deadline 2024.05.12
Finland - Hämeenkyrö

Fall into Focus residency program in Finland, Fall 2024

◆Focus on your writing, creative practice and research The autumn residency period at Arteles Creative Center provides writers and artists with the optimal conditions for sustained concentration. The program offers flexible time and space to freely develop creative projects without external or outcome pressure. Residents also have the option to refine and improve their focus through daily scheduled meditation sessions. Periods of deep focus can be balanced with walks in pure Nordic nature, relaxation in traditional Finnish sauna, and time around the bonfire with a supportive community of peers. All participation in group activities is voluntary. ◆Nordic autumn, darkness & sauna Arteles Creative Center is located in a countryside region of Western Finland, far from the distractions and stimuli of city life. The residency is surrounded by forests, fields, and lakes which are all available for exploration. The autumn season in Finland begins with September’s vibrant leaves and cooling temperatures, while October features a noticeable decrease in daylight as leaves fall. November welcomes the deep darkness and stillness of impending winter. The season’s darkening days support a focused atmosphere to dive fully into the creative work that most matters to you. ◆For more information, please refer to: https://www.arteles.org

Deadline 2024.05.02
Taiwan - Kaohsiung City

Pier-2 Art Center Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR) 2025

In addition to serving as a distinctive art and cultural space in Kaohsiung, Pier-2 is also a recreation area for the public, drawing huge crowds with its open and multi-purpose space. The Pier-2 Art Center develops as an international art platform in Taiwan, focusing on avant-garde, experimental, and original artistic endeavors. Consisting of merely two warehouses in the beginning, it has now grown into an area with a total of 25 structures that are grouped into Dayong Warehouse, Penglai Warehouse, and Dayi Warehouse. Besides a variety of art exhibitions and performances, spaces are also utilized for experimental theater and small-scale popular music concerts as well as cultural development that Pier-2 actively invites the cultural and creative arts sector to participate in. The Pier-2 Art Center Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR) designates a section of Dayi Warehouse as the dedicated space for resident artists and artistic groups. A 33-square-meter creation space (complete with a bathroom) and a 17-square-meter attic for living space are available for artists to create artworks, which we hope will add vitality to Pier-2 and foster a platform for art and cultural exchanges and performances. The residency plan must incorporate aspects of Kaohsiung's local culture, geographic environment, cultural landscape, social conditions, and other relevant issues. The artworks created accordingly should be exhibited by the end of the residency. All forms of artistic expression are acceptable.

Deadline 2024.07.01