Update Your Listings


Before you register…

Art Residencies Network Taiwan (ARNT) is a website providing information on art residency both within in Taiwan and abroad, in Chinese and English. We welcome all residency programs and artist villages to register on our website for a much comprehensive database.
Please read the follows before you register:
  • The “Update Your Listings” is opened to residency programs/organizations only, but not open to individuals. By “residency programs/organizations,” it needs to meet the following criteria:

    • Provide regular or non-regular (not one-time only) residency opportunities (for one-time only residency opportunities, please contact us).

    • With a professional background in art, and not to use residency programs as a profitable source.

    • Provide residency opportunities that publicly open to application.

  • To offer an authentic platform, all registrations must be vetted by ARNT after the registration details are submitted. The vetting process usually takes 5 – 10 working days.

  • After successfully registered, you will be able to upload and update the information of your residencies, organization and events, but all submitted listings have to be reviewed by ARNT before showing on the website.

  • The “Art Residencies Network Taiwan” is a bilingual website, we encourage you to have the information in both Chinese and English to reach a wider audience. If your listing comes with only one language (English/Chinese), we may help to partly translate, but translation is not a guaranteed service.

If you have any questions about the registration, feel free to contact us.