Photo Credit: Ze Wei

Fall into Focus residency program in Finland, Fall 2023

Fall into Focus is an international residency program for writers, artists and researchers who want to concentrate on their writing, creative practice, or research.

The autumn residency period at Arteles Creative Center provides writers and artists with the optimal conditions for sustained concentration. The program offers flexible time and space to freely develop creative projects without external pressure. Residents also have the option to refine and improve their focus through daily scheduled meditation sessions. Periods of deep focus can be balanced with walks in pure Nordic nature, relaxation in traditional Finnish sauna, and time around the bonfire with a supportive community of peers. All participation in group activities is voluntary.

Duration September / October / November 2023
Fields and Media Independent Curator, Literature
Costs Regular fee: 1950 € / monthly period. Financially supported fee (limited availability): 1270 € / monthly period. Contributor's fee (optional): 2610 € / monthly period. Applicants who otherwise would be unable to join the program can apply for financially supported fee. The number of supported residencies is limited.