Photo Credit: NIU Chun-Chiang

WU Tung-Lung

WU Tung-Lung
WU Tung-Lung's Art Work
WU Tung-Lung's Art Work Exhibition Photo
WU Tung-Lung's Art Work Detail
WU Tung-Lung's Art Work Photo

WU Tung-Lung

Location France / Paris
Residency Cité Internationale des Arts
Year of the Grant 2007
Wu Tung-Lung was born in 1976 in Taipei. He works in fine art creativity and living in Taipei. The form of his painting creation is extremely simple and abstract. WU Tung-Lung’s works adopted minimal, simple and rational form that belongs to personal painting style. He is one of few mid-career artists who persists in abstract painting in Taiwan.

Artist Statement:

In the context of art development, NYC is at the center of the contemporary art world and it also gave birth to Abstract Expressionism. Important abstract artists such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Frank Stella were all based in NYC. Even today, the newest concepts and forms of art originated from this city. For an artist like myself, who has been working within the field of abstract painting, the city provides an abundance of opportunities to conduct artistic exchange and allows for breakthroughs in art making. Through my residency, I was able to bring in modern cosmopolitan characters into my work and apply stronger and more straight-forward languages that reflected my experience in a metropolitan city. I added a sense of history and time to my rational way of thinking. Series of arranged paintings further highlighted the mobile characters of the metropolitan city, thus stirring much more than creative energy.