Photo Credit: NIU Chun-Chiang

Chia Chien-Ju

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Chia Chien-Ju's Exhibition Poster
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Chia Chien-Ju

Location Philippines / Manila
Residency 98B COLLABoratory
Work SMile
For me, daily objects are kind of magic stuff can that people understand each other without language, even under the limitations of a language barrier, through the body's memory of how to use items used in daily life, while in a foreign country, I was still able to live as I had back home. In different countries, as long as the everyday items used are the same, then the body's memory of how to use these items can be commonly applied in any country.

Thus, in this project, I would like to use some objects that can be seen everywhere but might be overlooked. I will mix the daily activities and ordinary objects to create whole new experiences in real life. Using the most fitting method to demonstrate the appeal of the material used while also providing an appropriate response to the state of our lives comprises the thought process which serves as the basis of my works. Through the transition from old to new experiences, the daily objects complete their life journey.

Thoughts on Residency Program

Under the management of 98B, the combination of art and community seems quite natural here. They use the window space to plan the exhibition every six months to target not the passing tourists and art-goers, but rather genuine local residents. Instead of simplifying art for others, e.g. murals, street scenes, etc., we can softly share it with the public in a more diverse manner so that it can truly enter the body and produce new thoughts.

In addition to letting me try a different creative state, this residency experience reminded me that in addition to the artists themselves, there must be more links with the outside world in the field of art. Creation may be an extremely personal task, but art is public.