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GUO Jau-Lan

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GUO Jau-Lan

Location USA / New York, NY
Residency International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP)
Year of the Grant 2011
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A pure domestic experience in Taiwan seems to be increasingly limiting to someone who is determined to be a professional art curator, where even local contemporary art shall view the whole world as its artistic dialogues. That was why I applied to the artist-in-residency program abroad. I learned, however, that ‘the world’ was not necessarily ‘in the contrary to’ Taiwan as it was not necessarily ‘outside of’ Taiwan either.

The highlights of the ISCP program were the two Open Studio events in each year. I was the curator for a small video exhibition, Paradise: Under RE-construction, at one of the Open Studio events. The exhibition had the highest attendance on the opening day and became a topic of discussion the next day. Such as, ‘I heard Jau-Lan’s space was completely jammed last night!!’ During my residency, I frequently visited artists’ studios and was engaged in the arts activities of New York City. I also visited the art organization, Washing Project for the Arts, in Washington DC by recommendations of ISCP for interviews.