Photo Credit: NIU Chun-Chiang

LIN Fu-Shan

LIN Fu-Shan's Art Work Exhibition
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LIN Fu-Shan's Art Work
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LIN Fu-Shan

Location USA / Colorado
Residency Anderson Ranch Arts Center
Year of the Grant 2003
Work Green Energy in the Place Where I was Born
LIN Fu-Shan received her MFA from New York University, NY, USA in 2001. She is currently a lecturer at the National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Her works have been exhibited at One Year Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, National Hsinchu Living Art Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Paint House Studio, Tainan, Taiwan, and etc.

Green Energy in the Place Where I was Born:

I am exploring in the dark. The dispersed energy floats in the atmosphere. I can feel the traces of life disappearing and our labor being over-exerted because of humankind’s desire for speed. Like a thin horse with a dream to become a powerful warrior, the road ahead becomes far and desolate. It is a path with dripping grease, a path without directions, and a path with the power of a labyrinth, possessing some kind of magical spell cast by a hermit. The magical spell that is subtle, clear, and earnest.

The energy that cannot be disseminated had transformed and settled here. It swirls in circles, as we all swirl inside of the labyrinth. What is the secret to the origin of life? Where can we find the medicine for rebirth? It is in the paths that we can never figure out…

Through discussing energy, I made motion metaphysical and addressed what our generation needs to care about.

Residency/Reside in Spring:

Aspen was a wealthy vacation destination, and Anderson Ranch Arts Center was at a reclusive and independent location. Ken Light taught at the University of California, Berkeley, and was our instructor for documentary photography. He chose a small village located in the mountains with only a few thousand in population as our shooting site. The village was filled with ruins and machineries left over from lime mining. In the village, there was a single Chinese family, in which their young girl mentioned how the teachers at school had difficulty instructing her. As an art teacher of many years, I gave her an art book before I left the village. Mary Bates was teaching at the Arizona State University and was our instructor for sculpture. Artists worked independently in general and practiced bronze casting together. Aside from mealtimes, we would work from 8:30 am and not rest until 11:30 pm.

Each journey is my enlightenment and each residency experience cleanses my life. My installation piece, Green Energy in the Place Where I was Born, explored the relationship between energy and desire. I created the work when my father was extremely ill. I could sense the traces of life disappearing and our labor being over-exerted due to mankind’s desire for speed. The energy that could not be disseminated had transformed into something else and settled here. There was an invocation for an altar in my piece. My residency experience was a reflection of myself, and amazingly, also became the energy for my life.