Albania - Tirana

Tirana Art Residency - Vila 31 x Art Explora

Art Explora Foundation develops its international programme of artists’ and researchers’ residencies with the launch of Tirana Art Residency – Vila 31 x Art Explora, a new programme in Albania whose first call for which the first call for applications is open until 5 June. Located at Vila 31, the former domicile of dictator Enver Hoxha, Tirana Art Residency – Vila 31 x Art Explora aims to extend the local dynamic of reopening and reappropriation by the public of this historical venue. The architectural project chosen to renovate Vila 31 has been entrusted to the NeM/Niney et Marca architects, who have sought to maintain a balance between the need to preserve the site and its problematic history and the need to create neutral spaces in which to rewrite new histories. Tirana Art Residency – Vila 31 x Art Explora will run a dynamic cultural programme in collaboration with local stakeholders, institutions, schools, and associations, including exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, discussions, and festivals open to all. Each resident will enjoy a living and workshop area, production, and exhibition spaces, as well as a living expenses and production grant to develop their research.

Deadline 2024.06.05
Taiwan - Taipei

2024 Guandu International Nature Art Festival

Theme Ecology, a Contemplation - Events, Attitudes and Others Events are always new things that occur unexpectedly, disrupting any existing stable framework. Following the curation of the "Healing as a Method" and "Nature as a Gift" exhibitions in the previous two years of the Guandu International Nature Art Festival, Guandu Nature Park attempts to respond to the post-COVID-19 era by considering "nature" as an alternative solution to restoring social order (we try to return and create emotional connections with nature). We seem to need to reconsider the reality we face after the COVID-19 event: Meaning, after facing such an event (with significant impacts on human ecology), besides gradually restoring established social order and the international community's responses regarding "sustainability," we also try to further contemplate how to respond to the various impacts and changes brought about by environmental changes after the event through art and curation. Here, we need to approach it from a more "ecological" perspective: for example, the concept of sustainability in the environment. "Sustainability" in the ecological sense refers to various organisms' competitive actions to maintain survival within the ecosystem, allowing most materials to circulate internally to achieve a balance. Therefore, thinking about things from an ecological perspective means reflecting on the various factors and conditions of the environment and the interrelationships between various biological behaviors or actions in the environment. It is a more holistic and dynamic process of contemplation. The role and function of art at this level are also aspects worthy of exploration. Call for Artists In 2024, we aim for a clearer declaration and emphasis on the reconstruction of the relationship between humans and the environment, seeking the concept of sustainability. What kind of attitude and action will we adopt towards ecology, and what values will we convey to the participating public? When ecology becomes the attitude of artists, it manifests as a reflection on ecological observations, inspiring future generations to actively engage in society for the public good, using art to change the environment and people's attitudes. Therefore, the curatorial theme for 2024, "Ecology as a Contemplation," is an invitation—an invitation for artists and the public to collectively contemplate the current environmental situation, embarking on a journey home with ecological care as the starting point. Creative Goal The format of creation is unrestricted and may include interdisciplinary contemporary art, visual art, installation art, etc. The use of natural materials is preferred for media, and the creative process must comply with environmentally friendly principles. The works created should convey the values of habitat creation and biodiversity, the connections between the ecology, birds, and human interactions surrounding Guandu, and should trigger awareness of ecological conservation. The creative concept and presentation of the works should emphasize their artistic nature. Read More: http://www.guandu-natureart.tw/news/531

Deadline 2024.05.31
Taiwan - Hualien

2024 Makotaay Artists' Workshop

The Makotaay Eco Art Village (MEAV) is in the coastal area of Shitiping. The local topography has been sculpted by marine erosion and has a diverse intertidal-zone ecology with which our people coexist and upon which we rely. It’s been over 30 years since the movement to get our land back from the government started. Having gotten it back in 2020, the people of Makotaay are promoting sustainable living in a number of aspects, which is part of the value of the Eco Art Village. "Ocean Community" The ocean is a lifestyle, a lesson that you are always learning from. You learn humility from it, how to recognise its moods and power, how to read the messages fish transmit, and the tempo of the waves. This is the pace at which you enter the world of the sea and the natural law of the ocean community. — Iyo Kacaw The Makotaay Eco Art Village began holding the Makotaay Artists’ Workshop in 2020, for which artists from different cultures and fields come together as resident artists to learn, take part in exchange, and create art. Artists are invited to come and feel the pulse of the ocean and experience how locals interact with the sea in our daily lives. In addition, the artists will jointly think and talk about how to care for our oceans. For more information, please view the online form. https://forms.gle/E2wSSsnrGDSXjUpN8

Deadline 2024.05.22
Taiwan - Kaohsiung City

Pier-2 Art Center Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR) 2025

In addition to serving as a distinctive art and cultural space in Kaohsiung, Pier-2 is also a recreation area for the public, drawing huge crowds with its open and multi-purpose space. The Pier-2 Art Center develops as an international art platform in Taiwan, focusing on avant-garde, experimental, and original artistic endeavors. Consisting of merely two warehouses in the beginning, it has now grown into an area with a total of 25 structures that are grouped into Dayong Warehouse, Penglai Warehouse, and Dayi Warehouse. Besides a variety of art exhibitions and performances, spaces are also utilized for experimental theater and small-scale popular music concerts as well as cultural development that Pier-2 actively invites the cultural and creative arts sector to participate in. The Pier-2 Art Center Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR) designates a section of Dayi Warehouse as the dedicated space for resident artists and artistic groups. A 33-square-meter creation space (complete with a bathroom) and a 17-square-meter attic for living space are available for artists to create artworks, which we hope will add vitality to Pier-2 and foster a platform for art and cultural exchanges and performances. The residency plan must incorporate aspects of Kaohsiung's local culture, geographic environment, cultural landscape, social conditions, and other relevant issues. The artworks created accordingly should be exhibited by the end of the residency. All forms of artistic expression are acceptable.

Deadline 2024.07.01