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KALEIDOSCOPE––2024 Treasure Hill Artist Village Summer Open Day

Taipei Treasure Hill Artist Village is a place full of history and culture. It not only has a rich cultural and historical background, but also is a base for domestic and foreign artists. Artists from different countries made this small village on the mountainside a place integrating ecology, art, and community.

The environment and humanities of this place have accumulated rich connotations, like a kaleidoscope with colorful elements. Everyone views this village with different identities and perspectives. Whether they are artists, tourists or residents, they can all discover unique scenery.

This summer, the Artist Village will host a series of activities, including artist talk and workshops for Taiwanese artists, season 2 international artist-in-residence exhibitions, and open studios. These activities provide participants with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the operations and content of the residency program and promote cultural exchanges. We also invitedTreasure Hill Artist Village Micro Loft J.C Studio and OTHER STUFF to hold exhibitions in No.40 Gallery and Frontier House.

This time, three Taiwanese artists who have visited over the years have been specially invited to share their unforgettable residency experiences in three different countries and institutions, giving everyone the opportunity to see the unique experiences of these artists on the international stage. These experiences not only bring new perspectives to the local area, but also provide participants with more opportunities to communicate with different cultures.

In the early days, LI Cheng-Liang and his friends set up “Fuxinghen Studio,” which utilized a nonsensical approach to co-create the possibility of artistic creation. In 2013, he started working in Tainan with a great variety of creative media. In integrating handicraft into the visuals of LI’s works, he developed aesthetics that harmonized arts and crafts. His main research focuses on three-dimensional modelling and the spatial environment, following moments of life to provide annotations for living conditions.

Institution/ Program: BankART 1929, Japan

BankART1929 was established in 2004 as the non-profit organization designed to utilize the refurbished historical buildings for the development of contemporary culture and arts in Yokohama City. Now we at BankART1929 run two spaces; BankART Station (approx. 1,300 square meter) and BankART KAIKO (approx. 500 square meter).

BankART1929 actively pursues many programs per year, including operating the studio spaces, planning and organizing the art courses, running the bookshop and producing the contents, as well as organizing the exhibitions and providing the coordinator services. The genres involved range from the fine arts, architecture, theater and dance to music and more. And, these activities are not only conducted within the BankART building but also in its neighborhood.

HUNG Yu-Hao, the theme of his artworks focuses on virtual and reality to express geographical images in new media contexts, stemming from his own life experiences in his place of residence. Through long-term observation of various street scenes in Taipei's Wanhua District, he feeling the gazing experience of social cognition and group mobility in common spaces. By using aerial photography, 3D scanning, and virtual reality production with an attempt to understand individual’s awareness of time and explore the varying sense of “place spirit” by local communities.

Institution/ Program: Dept. of Art and Culture, City of Munich + Apartment of Art, Munich + Goethe-Institut Taipei, DAC, Germany

The Department of AIR of the Taipei Culture Foundation (TCF), the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich (DAC), the Apartment of Art Munich (AOA) and the Goethe-Institut Taipei (GI) have established an international artist residency and exchange program in the cities of Taipei and Munich since 2017. The four parties will provide the support to enable one artist per year from the guest country to perform a residency in the host country and vice-versa. The organizers will offer to cover the living expenses of the artist including accommodation, an atelier space and an exhibition space for a solo exhibition. Furthermore, the operators will offer the organization of public activities such as workshops, gallery talks etc.

JIAN Yi-Hong, he has won the Merit Awards of the Taipei Arts Awards 2014 and the 1st Chang Kuang-pin Art Award. Through recurrent simple male nudes, his works based on ink wash depict the undercurrents of desire between teens and middle-aged men with a humorous flavor filled with imagination, while representing reflections of reality and surreal imagination about existence in Taiwan’s society today. Behind all this, there is a cultural context that traverses through the past and now, the domestic and abroad. Compositions of his pictures represent deliberate parallels or appropriations of traditional Chinese painting, with lines of ink depicting simple scenes of life or exaggerated and absurd scenes which involve self and desire roaming in a delicate manner. Through techniques of ink wash such as lightness, emphasis, hanging above, pressing as well as implicit depictions that express to a proper extent, JIAN Yi-Hong imbues the experience of the self into a theatre of man and environment/culture that is both real and fantastic.

Institution/ Program: Silpakorn University - Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts(PSG), Thailand

Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts (PSG), Silpakorn University consists of 2 offices at 2 different campuses. The main office is located at Wang Tha Phra Campus in Bangkok, the other is located at Sanam Chandra Palace Campus in Nakhon Pathom province, outside of Bangkok. The latter campus is where the residency program is held, at the PSG Faculty, about 1.30 hour from Bangkok. It mainly functions as educational base residency program for international artist who apply through cooperated institutions. The PSG faculty at this campus organizes various programs such as artistic workshops, joint-research with other institutions, annual exhibition of students and national/international artists, etc. Its space includes gallery space, faculty office and an auditorium.

Micro Loft●Exhibition/2024.6.15 (Sat.)-8.11 (Sun.) 11:00-18:00 Closed on Mondays, Taipei|Treasure Hill Artist Village,No.40 Gallery、Frontier Plaza

J.C Studio Julie Chou:

An artist who has been creating art for many years, Chou has actively participated in large-scale creative projects such as public art, community residencies, and ecological landscapes. Creation types include video, installation, interaction, writing and life crafts. She worked with the residents of Treasure Hill to create an ecological garden, also using clay or fabric as media to invite the public to experience and interact. Currently, her main development direction is pottery. She is stationed in the microloft program of Treasure Hill, and creating installations that combine ceramics with space.