Photo Credit: Ze Wei

Salute to a Palm Tree: Pei-Chi KUO solo exhibition

Salute to a Palm Tree: Pei-Chi KUO solo exhibition
Date|2023.8.12 – 9.9
Venue|Dynasty Gallery ( No.43, Leli Road, Da’an District, Taipei)
Opening|2023.8.12 15:00
Artists Talk|2023.8.19 15:00 | Speakers: Ching-Yao CHEN (Artist), Pei-Chi KUO
Advisory Organization|Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles
Residency Organization|18th Street Arts Center

"Salute to a Palm Tree: Pei-Chi KUO solo exhibition" will be opening at Dynasty Gallery on 2023.8.12 and will run until 9.9. This exhibition marks Pei-Chi GUO's installations and video work "Salute to a Palm Tree" created during her residency in Los Angeles will be the first time exhibited in Taiwan. The exhibition will also present "Sound Portrait," a series of video and print works exploring the possibilities of sound, as well as several new video works.

The title of this exhibition, "Salute to a Palm Tree," originates from a vague yet profound childhood memory of GUO spending a year in California with her father, who was then serving as a naval officer. With the passage of time, the artist embarked on a three-month residency in Los Angeles in 2022. Through her artwork, she established a connection between the current international events and sensory experiences during her residency with those special childhood memories. GUO interweaves emotions from two different time periods in her works, resulting in highly contrasting perspectives due to the differing historical contexts. In this exhibition, the artist's life experiences are not only presented but also serve as reflections on the unpredictable and ever-changing global situations of the present. Through keen observations, the exhibition offers not only a glimpse into the artist's life experience, but also a thoughtful contemplation of the complexities of the contemporary world.

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