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Tickle, Sense-Season 2 Residency Group exhibition

Tickle, Sense-Season 2 Residency Group exhibition
“The senses tear reality apart into vibrant morsels and reassemble them into a meaningful pattern.” - Diane Ackerman, American poet

Perceiving is the process by which individuals sense the surrounding world, while our senses are the gateway through which all external messages enter.

External stimuli enter the nervous system through sophisticated sensory pathways, and sensory experiences are actively integrated and analyzed throughout the process of perceiving. Our sensory systems enable us to connect events in the physical world—such as temperature changes, scent molecules floating through the air, or the gentle caress of a loved one—with our internal feelings. Various electronic signals generate nerve impulses within our bodies. These impulses travel through different receptors and neural pathways, making our memories and emotions susceptible to evocation. This is how humans freely perceive and contemplate the world.

“Tickling” is an intimate act that can elicit strong and stimulating sensations due to the sensitivity of human skin to external touch. Our world is a sensory feast filled with mixed sensations, so it is essential for feelings to leave unique and refreshing impressions to bypass the nervous system's mechanisms for processing constancy, allowing signals to reach the central nervous system and the brain for further cognitive recognition. The Treasure Hill Artist Village’s Season 2 Residency Group Exhibition is titled Tickle, Sense. It brings together four foreign artists over three months of artist residency. They experiment with and reflect on their one-of-a-kind sensory experiences, eventually translating their observations of modern Taiwanese society into different sensory expressions. Their observations of everyday culture are presented through audio, visual, and olfactory forms, and one artist even amplifies airborne vibrations in capitalist manufacturing space.

Canadian artist Marie-Soleil Choquette is writing a children's animation based on Taiwan's night market, conducting local fieldwork to understand more about the local sense of taste. Choquette assigned individual personalities and appearances to various food, and along with her wandering imagination that flows between dishes of local gourmet, she weaves a fictional story entwined with Taiwanese food culture. In the exhibition, Choquette creates an intimate and studio-like space showcasing her manuscripts and creative process, inviting visitors to engage in a savory dialogue. Pan Huiting, a Singaporean artist, focuses on bringing about sensory surprises. Immersing the space with the lingering aroma of Taiwanese plants such as Taiwan Incense-cedar, which are central to traditional culture, Pan’s maze-like trails allow viewers to navigate the city in their memories through individual olfactory pathways.

Australian artist Samuel Beilby has paid close attention to highly efficient economic models, as represented by swarm technologies under neoliberalism. Taiwan, with its burgeoning manufacturing industry, has also received Beilby’s attention. During his visit to three fulfilment centres in Taiwan, he used equipment such as electromagnetic frequency microphones to collect airborne vibrations near these factories. After audio post-production, he made the sporadic noise with frequencies below the range of human hearing audible. Beilby employs sound and imagery to construct an abstraction of the little-known mechanized spaces and raises profound thoughts on the symbiotic relationship that exists between social insects and machines. Lucie Jestrabikova, a Czech artist, revisits the criticism of decoration in the theory of modernism in architecture, which she encountered during her academic training in Europe. Building on her previous material experimentation, she explores and reflects on Taiwanese bamboo crafts and different crafting patterns. Jestrabikova will make occasional appearances in the exhibition space to perform bamboo creation , rediscovering the distinctiveness of Taiwanese bamboo and its calling from nature.

Tickle, Sense invites visitors to roam through four exhibition spaces, fully opening up their senses to let the artworks tickle every inch of their nerve endings. Meanwhile, the exhibition hopes to evoke visitors’ deeper emotions and memories, stimulating visitors’ imagination and reflection on the place they inhabit.


Date/2023.5.27 (Sat.) - 2023.6.18 (Sun.)
Venue/Treasure Hill Artist Village (Cross Gallery, Shelter, Corner No. 2, Frontier Gallery No. 9)

Artists/Samuel Beilby, Marie-Soleil Choquette, Lucie Jestrabikova, Pan Huiting

● Guided Tour by Artists
Time:2023.5.27 (Sat.) 14:00
Meeting Point: Treasure Hill Artist Village, Triangular Reception

● MGmgMgMGToxCGG (hereafter: mg) presents MgGG: diminution

Performing Artist: mg

- Members: meat glitch (Chandler Abrahams), gyrating (Samuel Beilby), grind (Valentina Sartori)
Time: 06.15 (Thu.) 19:00-20:00
Venue: Treasure Hill Artist Village, Half Floor Plaza