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The Chosen One - 2023 Treasure Hill Light Festival

The Chosen One - 2023 Treasure Hill Light Festival
Exhibition Period ┃ 03.25 (sᴀᴛ.) – 05.14 (sᴜɴ.)
Open Time ┃ 11:00-22:00 Closed on Monday

Art Director ┃ Catherine LEE
Curator ┃ CHUANG Chih-Heng​

The Treasure Hill settlement is located in the south of Taipei City, close to night markets, universities, markets, cinemas, MRT stations, and the convergence of two main roads. Before construction for Fuhe Bridge commenced, the Xindian River was the key water route for commuting between the locations in present-day New Taipei City and Taipei City and a headwater. Its prime location should guarantee abundance in the trajectory of urban development; however, hidden behind its superiority is a history filled with perplexity and hardship, resulting in its current ambiguous existence of being located in the city but hidden away. There seems to be an invisible wall enclosing the settlement, blocking the passing of time prominently amplified through the busy traffic, situating the area outside the parameters of 380nm-760nm.

Having witnessed the passing of time, the Treasure Hill settlement is like a “theatre,” situated at the center of the densely populated region, its towering, enclosing hills emitting an otherworldly sense of unknown and mystery, its lush greenery vibrant and inviting. The theatre-like Treasure Hill is home to flowers, strange rocks, and a myriad of steps that makes it impossible to keep count, rich with stories that are eager to be unveiled. Once people are willing to follow the curiosity rising from the depths of their hearts and enter the theatre and settlement, they can participate in the story-making: a stage connected with real life and filled with dreams, adventures, and heroic tales.

The text is ready, and the story is about to begin. Treasure Hill’s 2023 Light Festival “The Chosen One” takes a fate-defying stance with a smile, paired with the timeless formula of the 12 stages of “the hero’s journey,” unfolding a path that leads straight into a mysterious land. Twelve artists, each with their strengths and styles, have accepted the call to adventure, collaborating in the composition of a moving storyline, joining in aligning their world according to the twelve stages of the journey, the twelve keywords across the twelve exhibition spaces, traveling the tremors of spirituality and the call to the unknown. This exhibition “coordinates different efforts for a single subject matter,” a method common in performing art productions, integrating, fixating, and challenging aesthetics of “the same subject matter with different interpretations” that visual artists are so accustomed to. Together, the artists stage a work with a plot line that, unlike previous works, cannot be propelled forward by performers, provides viewers with a linear viewing experience that involves “introduction, elucidation, transition, and conclusion,” beckoning the audience to step into roles as heroes and embark on their own journey in Treasure Hill.

╼╾ Artists
WU Ming-Lun
CHENG Hsuan-Hsun
WU Chia-Yun
HUANG Wei-Hsuan
CHEN Ting-Jung
YEN Yu-Ting
Walking Grass Agriculture
WU Hsia-Ning
(in the order of deisgned layout)

╼╾ Opening Party
Treasure Hill Light Festival × La Rue
03.25 (sᴀᴛ.) – 03.26 (sᴜɴ.)

Market ✹ Live Show

╼╾ Guided Tour
Meeting Point ┃ Treasure Hill Temple
Register Online ┃