Photo Credit: Ze Wei


Exhibition Period: 2022.11.19 (Sat.)–2022.12.18 (Sun.)
Open Time: 11:00-18:00
(Closed on Monday)
Venue: Taipei Artist Village, Barry Room, Recreation Room, Banyan Room


Text/HAN Ching-Ling

The Taipei Artist Village (TAV) was inaugurated in 2001 and is located on No. 7, Beiping East Road in Taipei. TAV serves to facilitate cultural diplomacy, municipal exchanges, art residencies, and other endeavors, with the objective of world outreach from the capital city of Taipei. TAV has been organizing the program “Artist-in-Residence Taipei” for over two decades, and the year 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of TAV’s role as the project’s facilitator. As we look back on the years, we also look forward to the future, as TAV will soon relocate to the south side of Taipei.

When immersed in a foreign city, one’s senses tend to switch into hyperdrive and any stereotypical perceptions may then be overturned. With the artist village as a base for creative processes to unfold, although as a carrier it may be physically limited, its capacity for imagination is, nevertheless, boundless. While engaged in the residency, artists can engage in cultural exploration, collect everyday experiences, and integrate what they have seen and heard in the foreign city with their personal experiences and backgrounds. Upon arriving at the artist village, members of the audience can also see their city through the eyes of others.

This project is a continuation of the “TAV Art Project”, which marked the 20th anniversary with the presentation of a trilogy. The first installment, or the “Beginning”, explored the concept of “Artist-in-Residence” by making analogies using parts of speech, showing a multi-transformational process that considered “Artist-in-Residence” as “a noun and as a verb and also as an adjective”. As an option made available to artists throughout their journeys of art, the art residency invites them to stay for a while and to collect, feel, and experience what’s unknown to them, and through the residency, they can conjure up imaginative expressions inspired by the space, the base, and the city.
We have sectionalized the process of our “Artist-in-Residence” based on temporality this year, and as artists and also TAV (including our past, present, and future) face challenges at the present as the physical continues to be replaced by the virtual, thoughts are prompted on whether the existence of a physical base should also be deleted, and as the line between reality and virtual continues to grow more ambiguous, we also have to consider whether visions and imaginations made remotely should be reasonably and logically accepted.

Furthermore, the virtual residency program, “Crypto-AIR” (Crypto-Artist-in-Residence), organized this year focuses on the overarching theme of “Taipei Imaginations”, with an open call extended to artists around the world to contribute, virtually. Outcomes from the residency are presented in a virtual space as a part of the “TAV Art Project”. At the same time, six Taiwanese artists are also invited to contribute to the project, and whether they were artists who were once in residence at No. 7, Beiping East Road, or artists that were selected by TAV to engage in residencies elsewhere, we invite them to present their artworks to explore what art means to the city, to themselves, and to the entire ecosystem. Furthermore, besides enriching creative endeavors with deeper meaning, thoughts are also placed on how cultural stimulations can enhance and broaden the perspectives of the viewers.

WU Ping-Sheng
CHEN I-Hsuen
CHEN Hsian-Jung
CHUNG Cheng-Hsu
WEI Hsin-Yen

Sky Detention Center/Heat Wave
WU Yu-Hsin
GUO Lu-Ling
Infinity Hostile Collective
Zhuxue Deren
Electronic Police Station
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-Opening Party
Taipei Artist Village, Roof Garden
2022.11.18 (Fri.) 18:00-22:00

Taipei Artist Village, Roof Garden, Bamboo Yard
2022.11.19 (Sat.) 15:00-22:00 & 2022.11.20 (Sun.) 15:00-20:00