Dwell in Light-2021 Treasure Hill Light Festival


  • Dwell in Light-2021 Treasure Hill Light Festival
☆ Artists//
HONG Jun-Yuan
KU Kuang-Yi
CHEN Chia-Yi
LIN Yu-Liang
WANG Yeu-Kwn x Shimmering Production
LIN Ming-Yan
TSAI Yi-Ting
YAO Chung-Han
Light Weight - Crossing Universities Work Camp
Taipei Media School
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★ Art Director//Catherine LEE
★ Curator//Mabel WANG
★ Venue//Treasure Hill Artist Village
★ Exhibition Dates//2021.03.27(SAT.)-05.09(SUN.) (Closed on Monday)

□□ Curatorial Statement □□
With “light” as the medium, Treasure Hill Light Festival explores ways to present and embrace the multiple aspects of life in a hillside settlement through contemporary art. By building context through curatorial themes and constructing imaginations of the area, Treasure Hill invites viewers to follow the narrative of culture and history through themes such as life, space/time, land, and coexistence. Follow the light and explore the layered clues amid the winding landscape that weave into a story that chronicles life on this land.

Treasure Hill is situated on Taipei basin's southern outskirts and at the confluence of the Xindian River and Wansheng Creek. The residents arrived in different stages and built homes that echo the geography and climate of the area, as well as individual needs. As a result, Treasure Hill, a settlement that became one with its natural surroundings, was born. As an arena for experimenting ways of life and a living sphere rooted in its intimate connection with nature, Treasure Hill is viewed by its residents as a space engrossed with the sensation of home and belonging. For residence artists, Treasure Hill is a temporary shelter, and for humans and non-humans living or working here, this is a habitat that provides nourishment for the roots and for connecting with others. Treasure Hill is a meeting site for humans and non-humans, intertwining culture with land and forming a unity without distinct boundaries, a place that allows subtle, nuanced transformations.

The perception of a home can be passed on, and memories and emotions are often resurrected through the surroundings and objects. Home can be a place, but it can also be a person. Home extends life and embodies the desire to leave and to return. The 2021 Treasure Hill Light Festival is structured through three perspectives: “The Thoughts of the Individual,” “The Shape of Home,” and “The Realm of Nature.” Each subtopic corresponds to the different definitions of a home that artists present based on their memories of family life and personal experiences and explores the role of human individuals in a spatial context and in a community. The three perspectives are interpretations of the ever-changing states and multidimensional relationships between individuals and their dwellings.

□□ Opening Party □□

Treasure Hill Light Festival X Wild Goose Run

■ Opening ■
Venue/Picnic Field
03.27(SAT.) 17:30-18:00
■ Live Band ■
Venue/Picnic Field
03.27(SAT.) 15:10-19:50
葉穎 Leaf Yeh
十九兩樂團 Nighteentael
Little Shy on Allen Street
王榆鈞 WANG Yu-Jun
03.28(SUN.) 14:20-18:00
詹森淮 Senhuai
春麵樂隊 ChuNoodle
吳志寧 WU Zhi-Ning
■ Market ■
Venue/Riverside Plaza & Historical Facades
03.27(SAT.) 12:00-20:00
03.28(SUN.) 12:00-18:00
■ Performance ■

||Trace of Being (excerpts) Outdoor Performance by Shimmering Production||

Time/03.27(SAT.) 15:00 - 15:30
Venue/Hill Plaza
☆ Artist/WANG Yeu-Kwn x Shimmering Production
☆ Free entrance.
☆ Priority will be given to a pre-registered audience.

||XXXX Sound Performance||
Time/03.27(SAT.) 20:10
Venue/Picnic Field
☆ Artist/YAO Chung-Han
☆ Free entrance

■ Soul Healing Spaces in Attic ■
Venue/Attic Treasure Hill Traveler’s Hostel
14:00-16:00 直覺藥草球按摩 X 敲筋 Tok Sen นวดตอกเส้นล้านนา
13:30-17:30 靈氣占卜 X 丹增準秘 Rosella Dronme
14:00-17:00 寵物溝通 X 阿喵 Mionmion
14:00-17:00 寵物似顏繪插畫 X Chengcheng


||Trace of Being - Artist’s Guide and Live Performances||

Time/ 04.17(SAT.)、04.24(SAT.) 15:00 - 16:00
Venue/Frontier Gallery No. 52
☆ Artist/WANG Yeu-Kwn x Shimmering Production
☆ Free entrance
☆ Priority will be given to a pre-registered audience. https://www.surveycake.com/s/BB4Gg

■ Guided Tours■
Time/04.10(SAT.)、04.17(SAT.)、04.24(SAT.)、05.08(SAT.) 17:30-18:30
Registration opens on March 27.

□□ Shimmering Production: Body Perception Workshop □□

Time/04.10(SAT.)、04.11(SUN.)、04.18(SUN.) 14:30-16:00
Venue/Treasure Hill Atelier(Upper)
☆ Artist/WANG Yeu-Kwn x Shimmering Production
☆ Free donation on site
☆ Please register to reserve a place. https://www.surveycake.com/s/1wBGo

□□ Satellite Exhibition- Unknown Memory□□

Venue/3F eslite Xinyi Store
☆ Artist/CHEN Chia-Yi

□□ 輕量級-跨校協作工作營 - 拓樸學 Topology □□

Venue/Treasure Hill Artist Village
☆ Artist/Light Weight – Crossing Universities Work Camp

□□ In Cyanobacteria’s Dream—Open Campus Project □□
Date/03.27(SAT.) - 05.09(SUN.)
Venue/Taipei Media School Campus
☆ Artist/Taipei Media School

□□ Parallel Exhibition □□

■ Resonating Sounds – Treasure Hill Culture & History Permanent Exhibition■
Venue/Corner No. 2 & Shelter
☆ Artist/CHENG Ting-Ting, WU Siou-Ming, HUANG Li-Hui
☆ Curator/SHIH Ya-Tien

■ Hidden Spaces: Local Tales of Treasure Hill ■
Venue/No. 40 Select x Creative Lounge
☆ Artist/Topophilia Studio

■ Our home Pop-up Window Display ■
Venue/Attic Treasure Hill Traveler’s Hostel
☆ Artist/CHANG Tzu-Chun

★ SUPERVISOR/Ministry of Culture, Taipei City Government
★ ORGANIZER/The Department of Cultural Affairs under the Taipei City Government, Taipei Culture Foundation
★ EXECUTIVE/Treasure Hill Artist Village
★ MEDIA PARTNER/The Big Issue Taiwan
★ SPONSOR/Love Dear, Arnott's, TRUEGRASSES, eggshell, WeMo Scooter
★ VENUE PARTNER/eslite Xinyi Store