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Shinehouse Arts Village

Shinehouse Arts Village's Performance Photo
Shinehouse Arts Village's Space
Shinehouse Arts Village's Performance
Location Taiwan / Taipei City
Established 2020
Tel 886-2-2308-3398
Website Shinehouse Arts Village Website
Address No. 132-9, Dali St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan

Shinehouse Theatre established Shinehouse Arts Village in 2020. The arts village's mission is to cultivate artists, fuse folk cultures, and practice international exchanges. It is the first experimental base of art residency in Taiwan that develops themes of dance and physical creation.

In 2006, Shinehouse Theatre was founded in Taipei. It interprets the beauty of classic literature in the theatre, and it examines social issues through artworks. From the time it resided in Wanhua in 2009, it has furthermore explored the creative energy of the locals from the land. Through performances, Shinehouse Theatre learns more about the ground where we are living. As for Shinehouse Arts Village, through artists' residency, it looks forward to having more dialogue between the performing arts and the local communities.

Wanhua is one of Taipei City's birthplaces. Surrounding the art village is a profound culture and history. The Sugar Cane Festival, hosted by Tangbu Cultural Association every October, reveals the preceding economic importance of Taiwan's sugar industry. Wild duck season usually kicks off at Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park (15 minutes walk from the Shinehouse Arts Village), allowing visitors to discover more about the city's wetland ecology and wildlife. Qingshan King Ritual is an annual temple festival that happens every October in the lunar calendar. It is one of the most important religious temple fairs in Taipei city.

These activities with robust local features will not only be an excellent opportunity for the artists to participate in person while visiting, but also will become great stimulation and inspiration to create art.

Shinehouse Arts Village resides in Tangbu Cultural Park, where it was the Taipei Sugar Refinery during Japanese rule. In 2003, it was designated as a historic monument by the Taipei City Government. Now, it has become a cultural base for exhibition and art cultivation. In Warehouse A, it is a space for a permanent exhibition displaying the historical development of the sugar industry in northern Taiwan. Warehouse B has become the performing place for Shinehouse Arts Village to use. On the first floor, there is a theater with 200 seats called Tangbu Shinehouse Theatre. On the second floor is the living area. A lounge is for artists to sit and relax. Room facilities, including a refrigerator, microwave, and wireless internet access are available for artists to use while staying here. Besides, the organization's office is on the same floor as well. It can provide timely assistance to the artists.
Moreover, within ten minutes walk away from the art village, there is a 7*8 meter rehearsal space. It is located in the Longshan Temple MRT Station. It is also open for artists to apply for rehearsals, small performances, and workshops.

Shinehouse Arts Village begins to operate in September in 2020. Every three months, it will select two to three international dancers/choreographers and physical creation artists from all over the world. The organization supports material fees and offers free studio and accommodation.

Residency artists will host workshops, talks, and art-related activities to communicate with neighbors and local communities. In that way, the art village is not just a house for making art. It will enter into the towns and connect regional societies.

Shinehouse Arts Village encourages domestic artists to enhance performing and residency experiences. At the same time, it invites international artists to visit Taiwan and to learn Taiwanese art and cultures. While managing the art village, it accumulates exchange resources and energy and aims to become a global platform for dance and physical arts.


Number of Residents Every three months will be open for application. Each time accommodates 2-3 people.
Studio Type A theatre with 200 seats

7*8 meters rehearsal space
Other Facilities Lounge, shower room, refrigerator, water dispenser, microwave, wireless internet, bedding.
1-2 persons for each room


Nearest Airport Taipei Songshan Airport, Taoyuan International Airport
Nearest Station Taipei Wanhua Train Station, Longshan Temple MRT Station
Driving Instructions 10 km from Taipei Songshan Airport20 minutes drive away44 km from Taoyuan International Airport40 minutes drive away