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Photo Credit: Lìzé Puppet Art Colony

Makotaay Eco Art Village

The natural stage of Ocean Theater
Artwork by Iyo Kacaw
Artwork by Kaling Diway
Artwork by Sapud Kacaw
Artwork by Eleng Luluan
Artwork by Hana Keliw
Artwork by Alvaro Trugeda
Praying for blessings before the performance of “Tamita kita”(Let’s go!)
Performance of “Tamita kita”(Let’s go!)
Ocean Theater 1
Ocean Theater 2
Ocean Theater 3_TAIBodyTheatre
Working in tandem with Ciwkangan community
Creation Forum
Location Taiwan / Hualien County
Established 2020
Website Makotaay Eco Art Village Website
Address No. 123-2, Shitiwan, Fengbin Town-ship, Hualien, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Makotaay community locates in Mountain Cilangansan in Fengbin Township, Hualien County, where the legend of life-creation originated. It is also where the Cepo’ event, a significant historical event of the Amis, occurred. The indigenous people still adhere to the customs of “selal” (age hierarchy), hold “misacepo” (Sea Festival), and “ilisin” (Harvest Festival), and follow traditional rituals and rules. Makotaay community is an important cultural heritage site for the Amis on the East coast of Taiwan.

“Makotaay Eco Art Village” is situated in Makotaay Community, by the coast of Shitiping and Coastal Mountain Range, facing the Pacific Ocean. The marine terrace here has its reputation rests on a world-class geology feature and has its fame for the most stunning view of the East coast of Taiwan. Many artists at home and abroad were nurtured by their unique nature. In addition, when the indigenous people returned to the regeneration and rejuvenation of this land, they began to think about various aspects of sustainable living, which shaped the value of the “ecological” art village. Every year, people take part in eco-friendly activities such as artist residency, art creation workshops, in-depth tours, farmer’s markets, concerts, handicrafts making and indigenous cuisine tasting, etc. Altogether, the activities formed the largest ecological art village on the East coast.

Makotaay Eco Art Village held Makotaay Artist Workshop (MAW) in 2020 to continue the spirit of the Triangle Mode in England. The workshop was a non-profit activity operated by artists, opening opportunities for artists who are eager to create and also encouraging artists to step out of the studio that they are accustomed to. With open, adventurous, and daring attitudes, artists were gathered and made contributions through experimenting, collaborating, interacting, and thought-exchanging. The workshop boosted young Taiwanese artists, especially the indigenous ones, to achieve their higher goals and activated international exchanges.

Makotaay Eco Art Village invites artists from all over the world to come and hold art creation workshops every year, providing a pleasant atmosphere for experimenting and communicating. Makotaay Eco Art Village has also extended the site to neighboring indigenous communities and art studios, to support artists to get inspired and get stimulated when blending in with the local lives. They will also be able to learn about the culture, history, and the ecology of this land.

During the residency, artists can share their understanding, perception, and life values through various forms such as art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and curatorial exhibitions. In 2022, to create a site-specific architectural landscape and strengthen the region’s ecological environment, Makotaay Eco Art Village invited architects and artists to discuss with the residents the relationship between people and the land, and how to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

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Number of Residents Individuals / groups : 15 people at most
Studio Type One 100 ㎡ indoor studio and One 20,000 ㎡ outdoor space.
Other Facilities A co-share studio, a performance space, accommodation, and local cultural resources and connections


Nearest Airport Hualien Airport (It takes about 1 hour 25 minutes to take a taxi from Hualien Station to Makotaay Eco Art Village)
Nearest Station By train: Get off at Hualien Station (It takes about 1 hour 15 minutes to take a taxi from Hualien Station to Makotaay Eco Art Village) . By bus: Get off at Shitiping Recreation Area Stop (It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes to take a bus from Hualien Station to Makotaay Eco Art Village)
Driving Instructions When you are in Hualien City, go south by Provincial Highway 11 to 64k. (