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Photo Credit: Lin Shih-Chieh

Togatta Residence 044(TR-044)

Outside the residency space
Open working space
Public Hot Spring
Shopping Street
Outside the residency space
Location Japan / Zao town, Miyagi Pref.
Established 2021
Tel +81-90-8615-9054
Website Togatta Residence 044(TR-044) Website
Address 13, Kotobuki-cho, Togatta Hot-spring, Zao town Katta-gun, Miyagi Pref. Japan Zip Code:9890915




A place of fun relaxation for locals,
a place of rest for travelers,
a place that is open to anyone.
But there is also something there (art) that is constantly asking something.
If this kind of place existed,
what kind of changes would it bring to the town?
This place is, in fact, that kind of "Place of Social Experiment."

In June 2020, the founder launched a volunteer shopping district initiative called "Togatta Project" as a city planning group. They decided to launch an " Artist in Residence " project, Togatta Residence 044 (TR-044,) while considering possible art projects to start as part of a regional stimulus program. They renovated an empty shop (previously the Maruyoshi Fish Shop). In March 2021, a test debut exhibition was planned, and in April, an Artist in Residence program was started, aiming to create a "Something" experiment site that brings about change in the city.

The residency is in Zao town, Miyagi Pref. famous for its Mt. Zao. It's about 400 km north of Tokyo. In the area named "TO-O-GATTA", there are hot-spring, one small shopping street, a small park, elementary & junior high schools. The residency is located in the centre of a hot spring village, it takes about 10 minutes to those places mentioned above, and it's a very compact village. Meanwhile, the town has been famous for the traditional crafts named "KOKESHI*" since the Edo period.

The residency program will support the travelling expenses up to JPY60,000; meanwhile, the artists will be responsible for the accommodation fee as JPY2,000 per day paid monthly and air conditioning fee as JPY100 per day delivered weekly.

The residency program will provide the exhibition space for exhibiting and presenting work created during the residency, including PR events, opening receptions, gathering opportunities to get to know Zao town, the inhabitant, the different cultures and artists from around Japan and worldwide. The publicity, sharing the artists' event information for the duration of the residency period via the official website, social media and mailing list.

During 2021, for the 1st and 2nd residency, the residency program invited artists from different field, including contemporary artist Kaito Aoki (青木海人) and Shuma Takaku (高久柊馬); photographer Makoto Fukuda; illustrators Yuzmaru, Momo Kamei, Inagaki perm and Nami Takahashi (高橋奈見); craver Yasuhiro Ishibashi (石橋康宏); potter Kenu; violinist Ryogo Kobata (小畑亮吾); painter OGO and farmer Masafumi Sato.

To apply for the residency program, artists from different disciplines and any ages or nationalities are welcome. However, the artists must be able to work and live independently and understand the aims of TR-044. Meanwhile, the artists need to work with the residents to achieve these aims. It would be even better if the artist are willing to participate in those local events hosted by TR-044 to connect with residents and enjoy hot springs. 

Kokeshi (こけし, 木芥子), are simple wooden Japanese dolls with no arms or legs that have been crafted for more than 150 years as a toy for children.


Number of Residents 2
Studio Type Open working space
Other Facilities WiFi, Air Conditioner, Oil Heater, Kitchen tools, Gas Stove, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, Rice Cooker, Multifunction device (FAX, Telephone, Scanner, A4-Printer)
※Free hot spring nearby (No bathroom in the room).
※Vegetarian and Taiwanese restaurant and convenient store (7-11) nearby.


Nearest Airport Sendai International Airport: It takes about 30 minutes from the airport to Sendai station by airport subway; and takes about 1 hour to transfer to Togatta by bus.
Nearest Station Shiroishi-Zao Station (High Speed Railway): It takes about 1 hour from Shiroishi-Zao Station to Togatta by bus.
Driving Instructions It takes about 30 minutes driving from Shiroishi-Zao interchange to Togatta.