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Photo Credit: Lin Shih-Chieh

3331 Arts Chiyoda

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Location Japan / Tokyo
Established 2010
Tel +81 3 6803 2441
Website 3331 Arts Chiyoda Website
Address Chiyoda-ku Sotokanda 6-11-14 Tokyo 101-0021 Japan

Based in the renovated Rensei Junior High School, 3331 Arts Chiyoda creates a space in which leading artists and creatives have the freedom to present their diverse expressions. 3331 brings together cutting edge art with the familiar everyday.

3331 is steps away from Akihabara, the heart of Tokyo‘s electronics, manga and anime culture, and part of the community of Kanda Myoujin, the site of one of Japan's most renowned festivals known as the "Kanda Matsuri". With the downtown areas of Ueno and Asakusa also within close reach, 3331 is set in an environment filled with the city's energy and ties to the local community.Not to mention the highly convenient public transport access, which allows AIR 3331 to reach Shibuya, popular with many young people, and Shinjuku, the renowned entertainment district, by just one train line. With such a variety of different train and metro lines within walking distance, 3331 is the perfect base from which to explore Tokyo.

3331 is an active space hosting a wide range of events and exhibitions and transmitting a new form of expression not only as a hub for Tokyo, but also for Japan’s various regions and that of wider Asia, with the objective of forming an international base for a new kind of art.

3331 aims to break the barrier of inaccessibility often associated with art museums and instead create an art space that everyone can enter at ease, including a wide range of spaces that visitors can enjoy for free. While walking throughout the arts center you can sense the creative energy that makes up 3331 through the diverse range of artists and creative practitioners based here.


Number of Residents Up to 7
Studio Type Shared studio: Approx. 9.2~10.2 square meters / Private studio: Approx. 32 square meters
Other Facilities Café, Restaurant, Gallery, Lounge, Smoking room, Meeting room, Community space


Nearest Airport Narita airport (NRT)
Nearest Station Tokyo Metro Ginza Line- Suehirocho station