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Gyeonggi Creation Center

Gyeonggi Creation Center's Lecture
Gyeonggi Creation Center's Event
Gyeonggi Creation Center's Event Photo
Gyeonggi Creation Center's 建築
Gyeonggi Creation Center's Exhibition Space
Gyeonggi Creation Center's Studio
Location South Korea / Ansan-Si
Established 2009
Tel +82 32 890 4820
Website Gyeonggi Creation Center Website
Address GCC(Gyeonggi Creation Center), 101-19 Seongam-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-Si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea South
Gyeonggi Creation Center, located in Sungam-do, Ansan-si in Gyeonggi Province, is an art sponsorship organization to support creative activities and researches by domestic and overseas artists. With a variety of facilities such artists’ studios, art and crafts workshops, a theater and a number of multi-purpose halls, Gyeonggi Creation Center hosts exhibitions and open-studio events, community based art programs, art education, and international exchange programs.


Number of Residents more than 50
Studio Type Live-work space
Other Facilities Wood workshop room, printing, media lab, exhibition spaces, archive room


Nearest Airport Incehon International Airport
Nearest Station Bus Stop: Gyeonggi Creation Center