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Triangle Arts Association

USA / New York City
Established 1982

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Triangle is an artist-founded non-profit art institution in New York City, working locally and globally since 1982. Our programs emphasize research, dialogue and experimentation through residencies and public programs.

Triangle was founded in 1982 by artist Anthony Caro and founder of Gasworks, Robert Loder. Its first program, the Artists’ Workshop was organized in the summer of 1982 when 25 artists from New York City, the United Kingdom and Canada—forming the original “triangle”—were invited to gather in Pine Plains, New York. The workshop aimed to provide artists with space and time to enter into dialogue and exchange ideas, knowledge and skills with each other. The focus of the workshop was on process of making work rather than the end product.

Beyond workspace, regular gatherings, public events, open studios, and visits from curators are organized. Administrative and peer support is provided for all participating artists. Engaging in dialogue with the fellow Triangle artists is an important part of the residency.