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435 Art Zone

Taiwan / New Taipei
Established 2012

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Banqiao 435 Art Zone provides citizens with a public space where they can feel, experience and practice arts so that art is closely connected with their daily lives to create pleasure and sensation. A series of courses and exhibitions are also being held in the zone, which fully embodies its goal of combining teaching with learning.

"Construction makes a city strong and cultural cultivation allows for a city to become great"! We have no doubts that Banqiao 435 Art Zone will become a dream art base for the New Taipei City citizens.

Our long-term goal:
Banqiao 435 Art Zone hold exhibitions, art classes, and educational events regularly. By doing so, we provide citizens with a variety of options to be close to arts, to connect the community with arts, and to make art a part of citizens’ daily lives. Through bring resident artists into citizens’ lives, we bring arts into citizens’ lives at the same time.

We collaborate with resident organizations including performing art groups and bring the performance onto the street of New Taipei City, and we also collaborate with universities and schools to hold cross-disciplinary exhibitions and events.