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Gallery Mcube

Nepal / Lalitpur
Established 2011

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Gallery Mcube is an artist-run alternative visual Art center with contemporary art gallery based in the Heart of Lalitpur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Mcube is only alternative contemporary art gallery in Nepal hosts various art events to improve appreciation in Art through talk series, Artists residency exchanges, curated visual art exhibitions, promote artists, support community through resources, publications and various community art projects. The Art gallery is established in the year 2011 to create contemporary Visual Art Culture into mainstream affair with diverse art genres.

Gallery Mcube is truly giving the effort for the contemporary art management practices and look after the curatorial parts. Since Nepal has a very diverse traditional culture within small group of audiences, Gallery Mcube tries to extend the border to larger audiences with creativities.

AIR_MCUBE international artist in residence program is a one month to six months long interdisciplinary artist residency program organized by Gallery Mcube. This residency program is completely self-organized and suitable for self-directed projects. It is awarded to international artists, who have potential in working for various visual art practices like painting, printing, sculpture, installation, performance art, multi-media etc. Artists, writers, media artists, sound artists and composers, whoever interested can apply for this residency. The selected resident artist will have interactions and collaboration projects with local artists. As part of AIR_MCUBE International residency program, there will be presentation sessions, interaction sessions, and critic sessions. It will be concluded by Open house exhibitions and a critic session. This residency is open to emerging and established artists from a range of disciplines. However, spaces are limited as the selection process will be competitive in order to ensure quality, innovation and a strong commitment to the practical and creative objectives of this residency.

The host will cover the expenses of studio visit, presentation sessions, resource room/ library, critic sessions, workshop with community kids/ adults as well as final curatorial exhibition.

During the 1 to 6 months residency program, the artists will need to pay for Nepalese Rupee $500 per month per artist, the fees include studio room with Wi-Fi, electricity and water. Meanwhile, the resident artist is responsible for the expenses of food, personal supplies, art materials, the transportation costs and any other space outside the gallery.

The residency program already held for twelve seasons, for the past years, there are participated artists from UK, Nepal, South Korea and Taiwan - visual artist, C.C. Chang, Chih-chung and performing artist, Chen,Siao-Chi.