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Para Site

China / Hong Kong
Established 1996

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Para Site is Hong Kong's leading contemporary art space and one of the oldest and most active independent art center in Asia. It produces exhibitions, publications and discursive projects aimed at forging a critical understanding of local and international phenomena in art and society.

Founded in early 1996 as an artist run space, Para Site was Hong Kong's first institution of contemporary art and a crucial self-organized structure within the city’s civil society, during the uncertain period preceding its handover to Mainland China. Throughout the years, Para Site has evolved into a professional contemporary art center, engaged in a wide array of activities and collaborations with other art institutions, museums, biennials and academic structures in Hong Kong and the international landscape.

Throughout its history, Para Site's activities have included a range of different formats, among which a smaller parallel exhibition space, Para/Site Central, hosted by Hanart TZ Gallery in Central (1997-2008); P/S magazine (1997-2006), a bilingual publication which was Hong Kong's first visual arts magazine and a central platform for the development of art writing and of a discursive scene in the city; and the Curatorial Training Program (2007-2010).