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BankART 1929

Japan / Yokohama
Established 2007

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The City of Yokohama started the BankART1929 as one of the projects of regenerating the energy of the metropolitan area by reusing the historical buildings for the cultural and artistic purposes. It began in March of 2004 for a two years experimental project in the former bank buildings. The BankART1929 remains active in organizing and supporting many different projects yearly, crossing genres of the arts, architecture, performance, music etc., as well as running the artist residency, school, café-pub and bookshop, and the contents production. In 2006, the project was decided to be continued as one of the major cultural projects and encouraged to achieve the financial independence, to build the network among the cities and the nations and to play the leading role in the creative neighborhood. The current project includes the BankART Studio NYK using Nippon Yusen Warehouse, the BankART Tsumari and additional 3 satellite sites. The recent entrepreneurial activities are : the Earthquake EXPO and other exhibitions fusing the different genres, the Kitanaka B&W and Honcho Shigokai utilizing the empty buildings for creators ateliers, as well as the Landmark Project, Food and Contemporary Arts and Kazuo Ohno Festival that mainly happen in the streets and outdoor spaces, thus contribute to promoting the creative neighborhood.