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Siao-Long Cultural Park

Taiwan / Tainan
Established 2013

  • Artist Chan Hsun-Wu Solo Exhibition Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly
  • Siao-Long Children Museum of the Arts, artist Yuya Suzuki solo exhibition Phantoms Agora
  • Siao-Long Cultural Park: front door, kapok trees.
  • COPE NYC, New York Artists joint exhibition: Beauty in the Beast.
  • Siao-Long Cultural Park: hundred-year-old kapok tree
  • COPE NYC, New York Artists joint exhibition: The Soulangh Montage
  • Siao-Long Cultural Park: Kid’s playroom
  • Artist Samuel Seger solo exhibition: Wall in the Orchard.
  • Artist Michela Martello, the process of creating art works.
  • Siao-Long Children Museum of the Arts: New York joint exhibition: Repshchling Nature
  • Artist Emily Thomas, outdoor installations: Shapeshifer
  • Artist Chao Shu-Jung solo exhibition: Mise en abyme
Siao-Long Cultural Park is located in the Jiali district, on the northern outskirts of Tainan city. Jiali is a tranquil and leisurely small town with a laid-back lifestyle, located approximately 45 minutes’ drive from downtown Tainan. The park has evolved from the former Jiali Sugar Factory, where its revitalized Japanese era sugar refinery warehouses have successfully merged historic architecture with modern design in an area which is itself rich in history, culture and agriculture.

In 2013, Siao-Long Artists-in-Residence Program has been initiated, which aims to foster international exchange with artists from around the world and thereby create a vibrant community of artists, both local and international, emerging and established. Resident artists will be living in close proximity to local craftsmen artisans and they are encouraged to take the community and the vibrant local culture as inspiration for their artworks. Artists have access to wheelchair accessible, air-conditioned, modern studio spaces, as well as galleries and theatres for exhibitions, workshops and performances.