Photo Credit: Ze Wei

2021 Cien Artist-in-Residence Program “East coast Taiwan, Co-construction and Rebirth”

2021 Cien Artist-in-Residence Program (2021-CAIR). After more than two years of studies and research, Cien Artist Village has found its own unique, positioning direction. We look forward to promoting international exchanges, combining community and local resources through a series of artistic social practice movements, to help improve art education. We hope that we will continue to develop a greater feasibility of artistic social practice in the city of Hualien.

In 2021, we will start with the issue of " Socially engaged aesthetics and art practice ". Since the 1990s, a "new type of public art" form of expression that originated in the United States has gradually emerged. This type of creative practice has different titles. From relational aesthetics art, cooperative art, community art, participatory art, dialogue art, social participation art to public art, etc.
In 2021, Cien Art Village team hopes to collect papers in the village through the theme of " Socially engaged aesthetics and art practice " to explore the possibility of co-constructing the social context and responding to local issues through artistic creation.

When we continue to think about the various possibilities of allowing artistic creation to enter the people and communities, the creators demonstrate a certain social issue through the context of interacting with the community, "co-construction, rebirth".

Hualien, a region rich in the characteristics of mountains, rivers and ocean, on the east coast of Taiwan has in addition to the regional linear history of multiple cascades, all kinds of immigrant cultures coexisting at the same time. In 2021, Cien Art Village invites artists around the world to participate in the thinking of "co-construction" and "rebirth" with the characteristics of east coast Taiwan.

Apply now:
Duration From August 1st to October 31st in 2021, the minimum of duration will be 60 days and the maximum will be 90 days.
Fields and Media Comic, Community Development, Craft, Cultural Heritage, Independent Curator, Literature, Movie and Pop Music, Museum, Other, Performance Art, Visual Art
Funding 1. According to the creation and. workshop plan, the material cost of up to NT$15,000 will be subsidized (check-off verification). 2. Daily living allowance of NT$500. (excluding the day of leaving the village).
Provided by Host Studio and accommodation space: shared bathroom, shared kitchen, saloon, refrigerator, washing machine. Art exchange space and opportunity.
How to Apply All application documents should be filled out and applied online. Please fill out the Google online form: Indicate "(Project name)" in the title. (If the file is too large, you can also provide could drive URL). Please make sure to contact the organizer by e-mail to see if it is received successfully after sending it out. If it is not selected by the end, the relevant portfolio and other materials provided will not be returned.
Selection Procedure 1. In the first stage, the online information submitted by the applicants will be reviewed. Those who pass the first stage will be notified by e-mail to participate in the second stage. 2. The second stage will be conducted in the form of an online meeting, and further confirmation will be made on the content of related plans and proposals. 3. The evaluation committee will make a comprehensive analysis based on the scoring system of the first and second stage and will make the final selection on the final list.
Expected Outcome 1. The resident creation plan must be completed before the expiry of the residency period. 2. The village achievement record report must be completed before the expiration of the stationing period. 3. In addition to creating works, the selected artists (teams) during the residency period need to go through at least one creation workshop.