Photo Credit: NIU Chun-Chiang

HSIEH Chieh-Hua

HSIEH Chieh-Hua's Performance
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HSIEH Chieh-Hua and Artist
HSIEH Chieh-Hua's Art Work

HSIEH Chieh-Hua

Location France / Paris
Residency Cité Internationale des Arts
Year of the Grant 2012
Work A dance presentation when returning to Taiwan
Personal Website HSIEH Chieh-Hua's Personal Website
HSIEH Chieh-Hua, graduated from Architecture of Cheng-Kong University. Due to his own interest, he studied in Graduate Institute of Dance in Taipei Natioanl University of the Arts. He devoted himself in modern dance and choreography. He was the guest teacher in Colorado College in the Fall of 2009, and also participated in Texas Christian University for his works.

Notable choreographic works include The Seventh Sense (2011), Second Body (2015) and Eternal Straight Line (2019), all of which feature a strong element of interactive dance performance. His works have been invited by prominent international festivals such as Are Electronica in Linz, TodaysArt Festival in Netherland and George Town Festival in Malaysia as well.

Artist Statement:

I have backgrounds in both dance and architecture. Distinct spatial utilization and violent body language are eminent elements in my work. I founded Anarchy Dance Theatre in 2010. The Theatre’s self-referencing Anarchy Series, from Anarchy, Anarchy 1980, to Anarchy’s Dream, aims at portraying the complex web of relationships in human society. It employs the unique characteristics of the stage to create immediate connections between the performance and the space in which the performance takes place. This connection strengthens the storytelling capacity of the work. At the end of 2011, the Theatre’s collaboration with the new media art creative team Ultra Combos gave birth to the Seventh Sense. This piece shedded light on the new dance-technology connection, and was invited to be toured in many different countries.