Photo Credit: NIU Chun-Chiang

Yao-Ching Tseng

In the military cemetery, most gravestones are recent. This is the one that specifies the dead was a soldier during Spanish Civil War.
Artist talk at Complutense University of Madrid School of Fine Arts on November 10th .
Entrance to Valle de los Caidos.
Interview a person sympathetic with Francisco Franco at the entrance to Valle de los Caidos.
Interview a pair of Spanish visitors at the entrance of Valle de los Caidos.
Photo with Sudanese artist Alaa Satir at the residency.
Photo with comics artist Quique Palomo in the town he resides.
Publisher booths at the Madrid Comic Pop-up festival.

Yao-Ching Tseng

Location Spain / Madrid
Residency Hablar en Arte
Year of the Grant 2022
Yao-Ching Tseng, who was born in 1989 in Kaohsiung, graduated from Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University. He uses graphics and texts to mirror himself and pays attention to physical and random qualities in the generative process. He tries all possible ways and motions to describe and shape himself, as well as the world he gets in touch with. He hopes artwork formats can serve more than a functional vessel, but also become content themselves. His previous comics works include Daughter of Comics, Play in the Rift, Jué, and Storytelling Game.

Artist Statement:
The hablarenarte art village is based in Madrid. During the residency, I resided in Planta Alta at downtown Madrid, very convenient in transportation and daily needs. Besides bathroom, kitchen, three rooms for artists, there are work, meeting, and event spaces shared by resident artists and staff. Although there is a computer and printer, they are mainly used by staff for paperwork.

If comics artists are used to create with computers, they should bring their own devices. If artists are in the habit of manual work, public working spaces have more sufficient spaces and light. To scan files, you will need to rely on professional stores.

Staff in the art village have considerably good English proficiency. When I needed to discuss more complicated or challenging ideas in our work exchanges, even if I didn’t speak Spanish, discussions could proceed with assistances by staff.

The objective for my residency was the pro-production research for Nightmare Garden. Mamen Adeva as the main figure at Planta Alta to assist. She was friendly and actively offered help in life and at work. She went with me to visit various places and communicated between English and Spanish. She helped me reach more people, places, and experiences than expected. It was a great help to expand my research.

At the early research stage of comics works, creators may have certain directions, and keep open spaces for growth. If the research direction is related to Spanish cultures and communities, it will be rewarding to participate in this residency. The art village is connected to local artistic communities and surrounded by museums and other resources.

Besides comics, this residency is also suitable for creators in literature, performing arts, and curatorial practices. It is important to take advantage of connections across many fields in the art village to extend possibilities in creative works.

Author: Yao-Ching Tseng
Edited: Brix