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SU LI-CHEN's Art Work
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Group Photo of Artists
SU LI-CHEN's Art Work Photo
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Location USA / Los Angeles
Residency 18th Street Arts Center
Work Wild Lily in Process of Into Bloom
Artist Statement:

<Wild Lily in Process of Into Bloom>

Summer is the blossoming season for the wild lilies in Taiwan. Every summer, elegant blooms cover the mountains and the seaside to create a beautiful and mind-blowing scene. It is always such a wonderful and impactful experience seeing the sea of wild lilies swaying in the wind, and also smelling the subtle fragrance in the air.

Wild lilies are strong-willed plants full of vitality. They will survive in any environment as long as there is sunlight, water, and soil. As such, it is also the symbol for endurance and vitality. For I am deeply touched and inspired by it, I plead everyone to protect and value our precious natural resources through the creation of Wild Lily in Process of Into Bloom.

Residency Recollections:

Anderson Ranch Arts Center is located 30 minutes away from the famous vacation destination, Aspen, in the magnificent Rocky Mountains. Aspen is a summer palace for the rich and famous, and also a winter paradise for ski lovers in the United States.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center was transformed from a ranch into an art center with the effort of a ceramicist, Paul Solder, in 1966, and has since been the host of a variety of informal art activities for over than 40 years. It is now a well-known art institution and places equal value between the development of modern art, design, and craft. Summer workshops, exhibitions, domestic and international cultural trips, community outreach programs, and residency programs are held here every year.

Under the tutorship of the exceptional instructors in a comfortable, free, creative, and respectable environment, artists and art lovers from all over the world were able to gather here and be inspired through artistic exchanges around the clock. My artistic horizon had been thoroughly expanded and new thoughts were also being developed in a constant and natural manner. It felt as joyful as suddenly spotting the northern lights in the sky. My body and my heart had never before been this content!

What I learned from this residency experience was - To never set limitations for one self.