Photo Credit: NIU Chun-Chiang

LIN I-Chin

LIN I-Chin's Art Work Detail
LIN I-Chin's Performance
LIN I-Chin's Art Work
LIN I-Chin's Performance Photo
LIN I-Chin

LIN I-Chin

Location France / Paris
Residency Cité Internationale des Arts
Year of the Grant 2009
Work Être en/pour soi
LIN I-Chin, born in Yun-Lin in 1983, a choreographer and a dancer. She is the director of "Mauvais Chausson Dance Theatre". Graduated from Graduate Institute of Dance, Theory, MA Program at Taipei National University of Arts. In 2008, 2009 and 2011 she was granted by National Theater and National Culture and Arts Foundation for the project of "New Talent New Vision" for the new pieces - "That Moment", "Unicorn" and "Two Moons". She went to Cité International des Arts with the support of Ministry of Culture in 2010. And she was acknowledged as the best contemporary choreographer in Taiwan.

Artist Statement:

A body and a space cannot exist without each other. A space carries imprints of the past and speaks of the time that has gone away; whereas a body reinterprets the ‘self’ over and over again. When a body meets a space, it consciously but also unconsciously explores the relationship between the ‘self’ and the space. It attempts to locate the reason for its ‘being’ in the endless journey between existence and emptiness.

Everything that I had seen and experienced during my residency in Paris, whether be it contemporary architecture on the street or classical artworks in museums, reminded me of the passing time before my eyes. My sense for the movement of time was measured not by units of seconds, days, or years, but by hundreds and thousands of years and even segments greater than the beginning of humanity’s ‘existence.’ The accumulation of time has made possible the creation of such powerful works. The imageries and imaginations of these works filled every part of my body via my sensory memories. Being at a complex and endless intersection of time and space confused me as to why I existed here. Here at this moment, I was merely a tiny spec in the great flood of time!

I attempted to locate myself in this great flood of time through my work. Perhaps I am merely a passing traveler in the universe, but aren’t all travelers part of time accumulation to factor into what we see and experience today? Weren’t those powerful and great philosophies and art forms built collectively by the passing travelers of this world? I want to seek an answer to why ‘I’ exist ‘here’ through my work. Perhaps I will find the answer, perhaps I never will. Life goes on. It is through the endless process of searching that I am able to find pieces of my own existence.