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LAI Pei-Yu

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LAI Pei-Yu

Location USA / New York, NY
Residency International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP)
Year of the Grant 2009
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LAI Pei-Yu, born in Taipei, 1976. She got her MFA in Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts in 2007. She went to ISCP, New York in 2009 for residency; BankArt 1929, Yokohama in 2007; Stock 20, Taichung and Treasure Hill Artist Village in 2004. Her works "City-Taipei Tokyo", "City-Taipei" are collected in White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2012), and "neoncity-Shanghai" collected in National Museum of Fine Arts(2008).

Artist Statement:

In this neon theater that is our modern society, prosperity, light, speed, and crowd fill our lives. It provides us with a certain unspoken sense of security. Our consumerist civilization thus becomes another form of home, a sort of origin. This home, regardless of its physical site, seems to construct within itself a society’s collective memory and collective consciousness. A sense of searching and belonging develops in constant transitions between foreign places. These places are not limited to geographical sites as on a map or actual perceivable locations, but include an ever-evolving sense of searching and belonging. My observations are reflected in my work. With personal experiences in foreign places, as well as identifying familiarities from unknown cultures, I attempt to present the concept of ‘revisiting’ in my work.

My experiences from my residency in New York are influential to my art practice and career. Prior to my artist residency, I had mostly focused my research on space and documentation around Asia. I thought of the connection between Asian cities and cities around the world. I realized the necessity to reach out from Asia and chose the West as a site for further research and response. New York is a city with diverse and abundant global connections. It supports thriving arts activities, countless shows, and never-ending inspirations. During my residency, I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with local artists and art professionals. I learned more about the city’s art environment, as well as the way its art spaces function. These were precious moments during my time at ISCP.