Photo Credit: Ze Wei

Wander Across Territories - Taiwan×Brazil Art Exchange Program

Wander Across Territories - Taiwan×Brazil Art Exchange Program
● Date/2022.04.11 - 2022.09.15
● Venue/Treasure Hill Artist Village
● Artists/Camilla ROCHA CAMPOS, Gabriella ALMEIDA MARINHO, WU Shu-Lun, HSU Yen-Ting
● Program Account/ (

As an extension to the collaboration project with Bamboo Curtain Studio of 2020 The Imaginary Land: Convergence Taiwan / Latin America and the 2021 Latin America X Taiwan: Street Art Exchange Program, in 2022, Taipei Artist Village | Treasure Hill Artist Village is supported by Ministry of Culture of Taiwan, focusing on #environment #land #colonization #indigenous issues between Taiwan and Brazil. Combining with on/off-line events, this project continues to build a connection among art communities in Taiwan and Latin America.

The land is a medium between different eras and nations. The region of Treasure Hill Artist Village records its changing states and cultural scenarios since it has been developed, which resonates with a macro-historical perspective on the emergence of modern society. As the bedrock of Postcolonialism, Imperialism, born in the Age of Discovery during the 15th-century, has gone through division of labour and urban expansion of Capitalism and continues to devour what is left on the land. Although colonialism, ethnicity, and ecology seem like separate issues, analyses from the perspective of environmental racism give a glimpse of its connections. The resistance through art movements and creative work has attracted attention to the issues and inspired further public discussions.

The project explores possibilities and encourages dialogue among artists through online events, artist-in-residency of both Taiwanese and Brazilian artists, artist talks and an exhibition.

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