Venturing beyond the Terrain: the Passion for Endless Creativity


  • Venturing beyond the terrain: the Passion for Endless Creativity
The Final Conference of the Bamboo Curtain Studio

Located at the edge of the Taipei metropolitan area, the Bamboo Curtain Studio (1995-2021) is one of the most prestigious independent cultural spaces in Taiwan. It not only serves as the laboratory for experimental art but also has significantly shaped the cultural environment of the country by participating actively in numerous campaigns and movements. Moreover, with its continual efforts to construct a worldwide network, the institutional, geographical, and national boundaries that have isolated art organisations and practitioners are accordingly demolished. The issues the studio has addressed in the last twenty five years to some extent reflect challenges and expectations artists have experienced. As the studio will close its door at the end of this year, we are going to use the opportunity to review where we came from, examine where we are, and imagine what lies ahead of us.

In the Final Conference, the Bamboo Curtain Studio invites artists, administrators, and collaborators to reflect on the studio history, the development of the art environment, and the current circumstances, in the hope that the past experiences can offer fresh insight into how to approach future situations more positively. With the studio’s examples, we believe artists can look into other disciplines to widen their practices while professionals of different backgrounds can use art to make their expertise more accessible to the general public. We also hope the Studio’s passion for creativity, even after its closure, will be continued, elaborated, and translated endlessly into art actions.

Event Date Time: 2021-07-02(Fri) 10:00 ~ 2021-07-03(Sat) 17:00 (GMT+8)

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