“2021 Hualien Art Exhibition” starts solicitation from now on


  • “2021 Hualien Art Exhibition” starts solicitation from now on
“2021 Hualien Art Exhibition” starts solicitation from now on

Duration of initial review: From the announcement date to 5:00 p.m., June 21, 2021.(All the registreations should be made online.)
Works solicited: Original and newly created works without limitation in type, medium and size.
Participation qualifications: Both domestic and abroad individuals or creative teams are welcome to participate in the competition, regardless of ethnicity or nationality.
Bonus of the First prize "Wilan Prize" NT$500,000.

It has been a quarter century since the exhibition started in 1995. From skipping out of local-exhibition frame and transforming into national competition in 2016 to suggesting the style of resident creation so as to fit the land texture of Hualien in 2018, the exhibition has never stopped broadening the horizons of Hualien's art for responding to the spirit of the times and encouraging artistic creation.

In order to further expand international horizons and enhance the influence and professionalism, the “2021 Hualien Art Exhibition” removes geographical and nationality restrictions for the first time and expand the solicitation to international collections. At the same time, the media classification and size frame of the works solicited are broken through while the themes are also unlimited. Participants are encouraged to reflect their personal Hualien experience in their creations.

Experts and scholars with international perspectives are invited to conduct the selection of this year’s solicitation in a three-stage manner: there will be 12 artists (groups) selected in the preliminary review stage and going into the second-round review; the selected artists in the second-round review should lay out the exhibition space and make an oral presentation based on the venue provided by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Hualien (hereinafter referred to as CABH), and the reviewers will ask questions on the spot and select 6 artists (groups) to go into the final trial. In the end, the selected works will be presented through an exhibition. The judges will select one of them to issue the highest honor "Hualien Award". In addition to the prize of NT$ 500,000, the first prize work will also be collected by the CABH.

Please visit the dedicated website (https://www.hccc.gov.tw/hualienart) for details of the 2021 Hualien Art Exhibition. The receipt date of the preliminary review should be from the announcement date to 5 pm, June 21, 2021. All the applications should be registered online. As registering, please fill in the information on the above-mentioned website and upload the image file. If the online registration information is not complete, it will be deemed as unqualified. Individual artists or creative teams at domestic areas and abroad are welcome to sign up enthusiastically.