Taiwan-Japan Paper-Cutting Exchange Exhibition


  • Taiwan-Japan Paper-Cutting Exchange Exhibition
Taiwan-Japan Paper-Cutting Exchange Exhibition : Friends
Date:2020.12.3 – 2021.11.7
Place:Siao-Long Cultural Park A14 Gallery, Tainan (Taiwan)

Taiwan-Japan Paper-cutting Exchange Exhibition is on display from December 2020 to November 2021 in Siao-long Children's Museum of Art. The event, which is organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government, exhibits diverse works that are stylish and vibrant created by various papercutting artists both from Taiwan and Japan. Through scissors and pen cutters, the artists express their passion about nature and life on paper. The group exhibition, which displays over a hundred of works created by 23 artists, will be a great highlight in the Park. Apart from the brilliant works, the exhibition also shows how artists reflect themselves, their life and creations during the pandemic as well as exchanges within the exhibition. The event was initiated by a group of papercutting artists who are friends with each other and consociated because of their common interest. They've maintained inner peace through creating works during this chaotic period of time. In the works which are designed to accompany and comfort everyone, we can see various techniques and types of paper to express flowing lines as well as shapes of light and shadow. While collage of colors and paper folding are incorporated in paper art, warm friendship and stories are hidden within the works to be discovered by all of you!


青柳省吾(Shogo Aoyagi)
浅見祥子(Shoko Asami)
周瑞萍(Rae Chou)
平石智美(Tomomi Hiraishi)
斎部洋子(Yoko Imbe)
李恩(En Lee)
李庚錞(Keng Chun Lee)
林文貞(Cassie Lin)
劉韻竹(Yun Zhu Liu)
亀田行永(Yukinaga Kameda)
小島冬樹(Fuyuki Kojima)
森清毅(Seiki Mori)
大畠卓磨(Takuma Ohata)
清水典江(Norie Shimizu)
琳達・佗伊果(Linda Toigo)
土谷京子(Kyoko Tsuchiya )
魏少君(Shao Chun Wei)
結城慧真(Ema Yuki)
山橋紗也香(Sayaka Yamahashi)
山下哲司(Tetsuji Yamashita)
楊雅婷(Wuba Yang)
詹朝根(Mugen Zhan)