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Beppu Project

Beppu Project's Artist
Beppu Project's Building
Beppu Project's Art Work
Location Japan / Beppu
Established 2012
Tel +81 977-22-3560
Website Beppu Project Website
Address 2F, Sugakenzai Bldg., 2-35, Noguchimotomachi, Beppu City, 44 874-0933, Japan
BEPPU PROJECT is a non-profit organization based in Beppu (Oita prefecture, Kyushu - South Japan,) known as one of the world's greatest hot spring areas.

Founded in April 2005, BEPPU PROJECT manages two main events: the Beppu Contemporary Art Festival, 'Mixed Bathing World' (2009, 2012, 2015) in Beppu city and the "Kunisaki Art Project" (2012, 2014) into the wide and natural area, called Kunisaki.

BEPPU PROJECT has also implemented the KASHIMA BEPPU ARTIST IN RESIDENCE, long-term residency and has developed a constellation-like artistic infrastructure all over the city.

BEPPU PROJECT connects the art with the community with events like the "Beppu Art Month" and works also in the educational field, with the "Artist in School" program, to introduce diverse sensitivities into someone's life from the very first age.

BEPPU PROJECT brings the potential of art into society helping to realize a world full of diverse ideas and truly believes that creativity is a resource for the future.


Nearest Airport Oita Airport
Nearest Station JR Beppu Station