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ARTLAB - ruangrupa

Indonesia / Jakarta
Established 2000

  • ARTLAB - ruangrupa's Studio
  • ARTLAB - ruangrupa's Lecture
  • ARTLAB - ruangrupa's Artist
  • ARTLAB - ruangrupa's Exhibition
ruangrupa, an artists’ initiative founded in early 2000 by a group of Jakarta based artists, a non-profit organization which focuses on supporting the development of art in the cultural context through research, study and documentation, along with intensive cooperation with the artists through exhibitions, artist residency program, art project and workshop.

ARTLAB or Art Laboratory is one of divisions of ruangrupa. It designed to conduct series of research and artistic collaborations on the urban and media issues. ARTLAB serves as a collaborative space for individual artists as well as interdisciplinary groups from Indonesia and abroad. The collaboration is very open for various approaches of presentation and action that refers to the involvement of social and public space.