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Ne'-Na Contemporary Art Space

Thailand / Chiang Mai
Established 1998

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In 1998, Ne'-Na Contemporary Art Space (Ne’-Na) was founded by a group of Thai and Swedish artists. Artist/curator Shukit Panmongkol leads the organization. Since its inception, Ne'-Na has hosted and supported artists from all over the world.

Ne'-Na specializes in traditional Lanna/Chiang Mai crafts and many conventional manners. It always encourages residency artists to participate in its activities, such as making flower garlands, cooking, dancing, making bamboo crafts, etc. If artists require the organization, it can help commission the craftsmen to do the works for them. In Monfai and Mae Rim, artists can connect with the local artists, performers, artisans, and craftspeople of Chiang Mai. On-site assistants are happy to give visiting artists practical help in executing large scale projects with their traditional craft and cultural knowledge. Two sites are organic in that they both contain many working and exhibit spaces indoors and outdoors. These spaces are suitable for a wide range of art disciplines. Artists, architects, dancers, musicians, writers, poets, researchers, and filmmakers will find practical and inspiring studio space here.

Visiting artists can select to have residency for four-week to six-month. Successful artists are chosen based on quality and innovation of work, potential benefits to the applicants, the organization, and the broader art community.

Ne'-Na has invited over one hundred artists worldwide, such as Australia, Korea, Belgium, Hong Kong, America, England, Sweden, and so on to participate in the residency program. Exhibitions or performances were held during their stay. From July to August in 2017, Ne'-Na and Xiang Er art space from Taiwan co-curated an exhibition "The Exchange of Hope -Taiwan Thai Exchange Exhibition "to show the exchange results of residency program between two countries. The participated artists were Anurak Tanyapalit, Paisarn Am-pim, and Surajate Tongchua from Thailand, and Grass Agriculture, Chen Guan-Ying, Chueh Chiao-Han from Taiwan.