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Schloss Bröllin

Germany / Fahrenwalde
Established 1992

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Schloss Bröllin is a research center for interdisciplinary art and a producer of innovative projects. This extensive production site hosts experimental performances, theoretical discussions on contemporary art, guest artists from around the world, artists in residence and unique events. The center provides a space for intensive cooperation, interaction and exchange, crossing borders and generations.

Bröllin is an 800-year-old country estate, situated amidst the magnificent scenery and rural seclusion of the German-Polish borderline in the Southeast of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region. The distance to Berlin is 120km. It was founded by artists in 1992 and is now an internationally well-know venue for theatre, dance production and artistic youth projects. It is also open to other arts, further partnerships and new collaborations.

The center also provides advice and cultural information, organises artistic events (visual arts, drama, music and media) and festivals. It runs artistic educational programmes for the public and workshops for children and youth.