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Residency Unlimited (RU)

USA / 紐約
Established 2009

Residency Unlimited (RU) creates customised residencies for artists and curators at all stages in their career, New York and internationally based. f. These residencies are designed to meet the individual needs of participants. Residents benefit from RU's tailored technical and network support. Through RU's diverse network of partners, artists and curators in residence benefit from flexibility, customization and access to a wide range of services and resources.

RU is also an active participant in the ever-evolving field of arts residencies and freely provides online resources to the arts community at large , regardless of their residency status. The Opportunities platform online is a regularly updated listing of residencies and possibilities worldwide.

As part of its mission to facilitate exchange between New York and the international art scene, RU fosters 2 to 3 residency opportunities each year for local (New York based) artists and curators with hosting organizations worldwide.

In 2011, RU recommended a New York based artist to Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taiwan. RU has collaboration with Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taiwan.