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Koganecho Area Management Center

Japan / Yokohama
Established 2009

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From the days following the World War II, the Koganecho area in Yokohama, Japan, was known for its prostitution and drugs. Since then, the Association for Hatsunecho, Koganecho and Hinodecho Environmental Cleanup, in cooperation with the region, government, police, universities and others, has continued its tenacious efforts to revitalize the area.

In 2008, two art studio buildings located under the Keihin Electric Expressway were completed, and the citywide “Koganecho Bazaar” was held. In April 2009, the non-profit organization Koganecho Area Management Center was established in order to continue the area’s art-based development on a regular basis.

While the illegal business have vanished, many of the area’s old shops remain vacant or closed up. The city of Yokohama and the organizer are renting out these spaces and converting them into buildings that can function as artist studios, shops, cafes and so on.
As main part of our program to revitalize the area, the Koganecho Artist-in-Residence Program utilizes these spaces and new art studios beneath the Keikyu Line train tracks, providing opportunities for promising Japanese and international artists. The organization, has been working with artists, architects and a wide range of creative practitioners.