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Lukang Artist Village

Taiwan / Changhua
Established 2010

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  • Lukang Artist Village's Building
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Lukang Artist Village was remodeled from the old Japanese dormitory complex in Lukang. It was once a space for everyday living. The complex stretched northward from downtown Lukang to Lukang Culture Center, a scheduled ancient monument of Changhua County where the brick-paved lanes by its sides lead southward to Lukang Old Street. Northern to the Lukang Culture Center locates a cluster of rich cultural heritage of the town, including the Nanjing Temple, the New Ancestral Temple, the Thean Hou Temple, and the Ri-Mao Shop. These heritage sites are important to the local history as well as the valuable assets for tourism.

Joining the efforts of Changhua County Government and Lukang Township Office, the historical context of the place was integrated in the mapping of cultural infrastructure and the restoration. It then gave birth to the Lukang Artist Village where a platform is built upon for exhibitions and performances while recognizing the importance of local culture and humanities. In addition, the artist village vitalizes the place with arts and creativity, and further sets the keystone for a prototype of art-culture center.