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The European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC)

Netherlands / Oisterwijk
Established 1969

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Founded in 1969, The Ceramic Work Centre (KWC) was initiated by ceramist Jan Oosterman and Bernadine de Neeve, curator at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen at the time, the KWC aimed at providing trained ceramists with working space and career opportunities.

In July 1991, the center moved to its present location in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, a historic town about an hour from Amsterdam by train. Former coffee-roasting house was converted into an excellently equipped European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC). In 2010 the center underwent another transformation: it opened a CAD/CAM studio, providing artists, designers and architects the means to explore computer aided 3D-design and 3D-printing, and launched a new name “sundaymorning@ekwc”. In 2015 the center moved again, this time to a building which is twice the previous size, in the city called Oisterwijk. It hosts projects in the field of higher education and is open for public and commerce.
As a residency the center hosts 60 residents a year, coming from all over the world. Most of the residents never worked with ceramics before. They are wellknown artists, designers, composers or architects. Artists like Betty Woodman, Anish Kapoor, Tony Cragg, Jun Kaneko or Ting Shao did a EKWC residency.

Who’s Been There

Chung Yen-Ting
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Chung Yen-Ting, hold an M.F.A. from Parsons School of Design (2010). Mainly create with writing, graffiti, and sculpture to depict her fantasies and imaginations of daily life and build up a poetic fantasy journey. She has had a residency in different art sites: 18th Street Arts Center, NARS Foundation in New York, and EKWC in the Netherland. Her work has been exhibited in both New York and Taipei, including Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, A.I.R. Gallery, and Juming Museum; solo exhibitions at CC Gallery "Oisterwijk Garden" (2020) and Farglory Museum "Sleepless Night" (2017) in Taipei. Chung has won the third prize in The 2019 Taiwan Emerging Art Awards-3D Creation. Her work has been selected into GEISAI MIAMI and has also been collected by Taichung City Seaport Art Center and Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture.

Artist Statement:
In 2019, during the 3-month residency at EKWC (European Ceramic Work Centre) located in Oisterwijk, Netherlands, I felt like I am a gardener who is growing and taking care of plants when creating. I tried to combine origami and clay. With that, I started the "Origami Flowers" experiment. In the experiment, I applied the mathematical principles of origami into pinch pottery and made them into a new geometric figure.
The clay insects and foxes occasionally appear in the studio. It changed variously like a sequence of numbers on Sunday morning from snowflakes to rainbows in the rain. The four seasons of the garden just cycled in this white space.

It is all new to me as a novelty pottery artist to watch people working at the EKWC site, whether pounding the clay, mixing glaze or kiln. All memories that made of this place are carved into every clay. Somehow it is confusing whether we shaped the clay or the clay shaped us.

When I hung up a ceramic leaf on the wall, I felt I turn a new page of the world and accidentally put a sentence on the wall. Later, I tried to complete the sentence, hoping that these elements' collection could become the beginning of a story. I used the flower as a media to cooperate with artists from various countries, called "Ideas in Bloom" project so that each flower becomes seeds to spread out creativity.