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Ulay Artist Community

Taiwan / Hsinchu County
Established 2017

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Wufeng Township has rich industrial and human resources. The Qingquan tribe cultural life circle is operated through the existing environmental context, and the historical texture is combined with the folk and the government. Among them, the diverse viewpoints and cultural depth accumulated in the life of the people, such as the historical context of local development, include the existing Atayal traditional culture, the former residence of Zhang Xueliang, Sanmao Dream House, Qingquan Catholic Church and other tangible and intangible cultural assets, which are the nutrients of area development of the Wufeng Township.

Therefore, the overall development vision of the park is "complete the Qingquan tribe and the Zhang Xueliang Cultural Park recreation environment,"
"Combining the art to create a depth of recreation in the village" and "combining the local culture to deepen the self-clarity of the district", and reusing it in an idle environment, combining the surrounding cultural and environmental resources, strengthening the theme depth of the tribal and park recreation resources, and becoming a local The display window of cultural heritage is the goal to enhance the overall cultural tourism development.

In order to make the park space have more yuan and creative use forms, it is expected that the open park space will be used for resident workers to apply for stationing. We welcome qualified art workers or art teams to apply for joint innovation and art exchanges and use them in the space.