Thailand / Koh Phangan
Established 2015

  • Sensing poetry of the movement, body and space laboratory February 2021, Koh Phangan Thailand
  • States of Improvisation performance project February 2021, Koh Phangan Thailand
  • Being Nature performance project July 2020, performer Dolores Dewhurst-Marks, Koh Phangan Thailand
  • Sasha Dodo & Dolores Dewhurst-Marks performing in States of Improvisation performance project
  • Contact Improvisation Conference February 2021, Koh Phangan Thailand
ART CONTINUUM NOMADIC RESIDENCY is founded by Sasha Dodo (RU) and Dolores Dewhurst - Marks (UK), who are independent artists engaged in poetry, dance improvisation, performance, and film.

Their artistic work is based on contemplation; through visual arts, movement, and text, they seek pathways to unfold the poetic vision of life and uncover the presence of the unknown. An essential part of the research happens in close relation with nature. They are curious to shape spaces where knowledge can unfold in a mutual stream of creation, providing an environment for investigating body intelligence about spatial awareness and the imagination.

ART CONTINUUM NOMADIC RESIDENCY is designed for international artistic exchange, development, and production of art, existing periodically in diverse country and cities. The organization will announce the location in advance, and open to the artists who are willing to apply.

Previous residencies:
2015 - 2016 Crimea, Ukraine - Russia
2018 Transylvania, Romania
2019 Koh Phangan, Thailand
2019 Cappadocia, Turkey
2019 Lago Maggiore, Italy
2020 Koh Phangan Island, Thailand

October - November 2021 Chiang Mai, Thailand
January – March 2022 Koh Phangan, Thailand

The residency program focuses on the fields of poetry, dance improvisation, performance, and film. It contains laboratories, workshops, and performative events. The RESIDENCY approach creates a space of listening based on empathy for the invisible and sensitivity for its shared events.

The residency invites specific focuses for workshop/laboratories, previous themes include:
“Sensing poetry of the movement, body and space” - tuning to the poetic space of our meeting in dance improvisation & performance.
“Poetically of touch” - authentic meanings of touch in film, performance & writing
“Body of shared action” - Contact Improvisation & Ensemble practice
“States of improvisation” - Contact Improvisation performance
“Being nature” - Contemplation, Dance & Poetry in Nature.
“Source & hidden spaces” - Dance & performance in nature
“Metamorphosis” - dance improvisation performance
“Sea of my escape” - film creation
“Inspiral” - Sufi whirling, contact improvisation, water dance
“Poetic body” - butoh & contact improvisation

Currently, the residency is not supported by a foundation or grant scheme. It is run by the team's initiative and resources. The program is based on donations, offering participants to contribute to realistic terms of their fiscal conditions.

The residency program is orientated towards those who are looking for a flexible environment to develop their own creative pathways, to cultivate contemplation of the present moment, poetic vision, and being with nature, in collaboration with other artists. It is open for people with different backgrounds and nationalities, both amateur and professional.