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Ci’en Artist Village

Taiwan / Hualien
Established 2018

  • Mural in village
  • Workshop
  • Garden
  • Courtyard
  • Artist studio
  • Artist studio and co-working place
Founded in 1971 on 2000m² of land in Hualien eastern Taiwan, the kindergarten provided a space for hundreds of kids to learn, live, and play. Over three decades, many children of Hualien were nurtured by the land. The kindergarten holds a special place in the local collective memory. Over time, the kindergarten succumbed to declining birth rates and finally closed its gates in 2010, spending the ten years in a state of abandonment. However, times changed in 2018, the idea that turned the site into Ci’en Art Village began to form by the landlord and the artists’ community.

Since June 2019, Ci’en Art Village has welcomed over 50 guests from 30 countries, including visual artists, musicians, poets, and travelers.
Together, the art residency project made this Artist Village a living reality. Artists and the village have shared a wealth of experiences, such as film events, music jams, art markets, performances, workshops, and exhibitions. Ci’en Artist Village is always ready to meet new people and share the core value of cultural diversity, artistic creations, and life experiences.

Ci’en Art Village wants to open the doors to people from disadvantaged backgrounds, students, and the local community. Therefore, everyone can join in and help create a space for contemporary art in harmony with everyday life in this laid-back town. The team of Ci’en Art Village aims to bring new vitality to the contemporary art scene and offer a friendly platform for artists. Artists could stay, create, and share experiences together that flowed into Ci’en Art Village. The art residency project with Ci’en Art Village could also bring new value to the old venue and collaborate with other art villages, social organizations, schools in Taiwan and around the world.

By collaborating with Ci’en Art Village, artists have the chance to make Hualien into a diverse, international meeting place for everyone who loves art. Ci’en Art Village is where any kind of art form around the globe can touch people’s hearts. During residency, Ci’en Art Village provides free accommodations, studios, and local resources and connections. Ci’en Art Village encourages artists to walk into the community by organizing workshops or exhibitions to immerse the idea of cultural exchange into daily life in Hualien.

“Ci’en Art Village will have the opportunity to bring up culture revolution into the local community by involving community members to enjoy themselves at art craft. Ci’en Art Village believes that the purpose of art village is to focus on art creation and play a role in the local communities and accelerate innovative energy by utilizing the imagination and creativity of art.”