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New Zero Art Space

Myanmar / Yangon
Established 2008

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New Zero Art Space is a nonprofit visual arts organization established in Yangon, Myanmar, in 2008. Its mission is to provide young artists with various opportunities. New Zero Art Space not only promotes the next generation's art spirits but also runs art education programs. New Zero Art Space primarily focuses on contemporary art trends. The organization operates the space continually considering future chances for young artists in Myanmar to work together with the invited artists from different countries worldwide.

The meaning of "New Zero" symbolizes welcoming new artists, and zero represents infinity. (Zero is the nature of the non-valued, yet it will significantly add value when combined with the other numbers.) New Zero Art Space aims to enhance each artist's abilities, values, and experiences while fostering cooperation among artists.

New Zero Art Space started the first art residency program in Myanmar in 2010. It invites visual and performing artists from Asia, Europe, and North America. The program supports artists from around the world who have a keen interest in Myanmar art and culture. The program's philosophy encourages an ongoing exchange with the artist's host country's art and culture. For the past ten years, New Zero Art Space has invited artists from Belgium, Singapore, South Korea, Hungary, Thailand, Japan, Mexico and Germany for the residency program and exchange events.
The residency program accepts up to two applications per year. The artists can apply for one month to three months. The accepted applicant(s) can use a bedroom, working studio, and exhibition space for free. The bedroom has two single beds, an air conditioner, and a shower room. The gallery space also functions as a studio. Besides painting here, artists can use it for workshops and talks. The accepted artist(s) will be requested to give a talk or workshop occasionally to the students at New Zero classes or Myanmar artists. The New Zero Art Space will provide an official invitation letter for the artists who apply for grants from the foundation, art organizations, and government.
The artists will be responsible for the round trip air tickets (travel expenses), daily costs, and production fees.

Except for the residency program, the organization holds the Mobile Child Art program every summer since 2009. It supports the New Zero's young artists to visit orphanages, children living with HIV, charity schools, the monastic education schools in Yangon and nearby townships to give the voluntary art training. It becomes another leading program at New Zero Art Space.