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South Korea / Gwangju
Established 2009

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Mite-Ugro is a non-profit art space and organization comprised of exhibition space Mite and Community space Ugro. It is established by local artists and curators in 2009, and located in traditional market of old downtown where the Korean government's projects (Gwangju Biennale, Asia Culture Center, etc.) are in force. Since its inception, the space is continuing various and experimental activities like supporting emerging artists, international exchange program, and independent curator workshop. In addition to this, they organize critic seminar and publish quarterly art&culture criticism magazine with Space Heem (Busan) and D.A.aura (Gwangju) to contribute to critical debates in local area. Mite-Ugro also carry out exchange with other art spaces and artists based in Asia through 'Doing Nothing Residency'. For 2016, they are curating and organizing The 11th Gwangju Biennale Monthly Gathering as local curatorial associate.