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Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)

South Korea / Seoul
Established 2006

  • Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)'s Entrance
  • Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)'s Building Exterior
  • Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)'s Building
SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY was operated by the Seoul Museum of Art in an effort to promising artists with studios for creating art in a quiet environment, sharing information and encouragement with a small group of artists. The project is designed to foster the development of next-generation artists.

The Seoul Museum of Art opened SNR on April 6, 2006 after the unused facilities of Nanji Island were remodeled. The location was born again as an eco-friend park for the residents of Seoul.

SNR is just located in the park along the Han river. The tranquil environment inspires residents within the city boundary. SNR is valued for providing artists a closer networking with both local and international communities through its strategic location of being near Seoul's most thriving art sector.