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Porapara Space for Artists

Bangladesh / Chittagong
Established 2004

  • Porapara Space for Artists's Event
  • Porapara Space for Artists's Studio
  • Porapara Space for Artists's Entrance
Porapara is an artist-run initiative with a mission to provide basic logistical, mediation and production support for emerging artists. Porapara Space for Artists was founded in 2004. Porapara is situated in the village of Charbasthi, next to the Chittagong Sha-Amanat International Airport and near the sea beach of Bay of Bengal and Karnaphuli river.

And its 5 years of operation the space has run community projects with local village people, as well as with artists from around the country and abroad. Porapara has organized workshops, residency programs, an exhibition, public art projects and artists’ talks. Porapara is a platform for public communication through artistic activity.

Bangladeshi contemporary artists are in great need of alternative spaces for experimental and research work, in order to develop the visual arts in Bangladesh both nationally and internationally.Therefore, Porapara aims to develop the space of Porapara with adequate resources for artists’ research, workshop and studio facilities